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  • on 24.04.2012
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How Does Body Part Insurance Work?


By now the world and its dog know about the seemingly bizarre world of celebrity body part insurance. Mariah Carey reportedly insured her legs for an insane £1billion. While not the most bizarre celebrity body part insurance policy, it’s certainly the most expensive. The notion of celebrity body part insurance is all slightly ridiculous amongst us mere mortals, and appears to be nothing more than a publicity stunt.

But underneath all the ‘look at me’ notion of insuring your body; there is quite an important and, in some cases, essential motive for doing this. For instance; if, say, a model or an athlete obtain an injury which causes serious deformity or drastic alteration of their appearance, then their career is respectively over. If, on the other hand, they happen to be insured, then they will be issued a nice pay-out to make up for the loss their asset that the recipient’s career was so reliant on. These sorts of professions are solely based on body and appearance and without this they would lose work, therefore allowing them to insure. What isn’t allowed though is the ability to insure ones entire body; only the parts of significant importance. Hence why models insure their legs or smiles.

Yet, for those of us who aren’t models or athletes this ethic can still apply. If we can prove that a particular body part is crucial to our job occupation, and that without it substantial amounts of income and work would be lost; insurance is recommended and granted.

Body parts can be insured for any value depending on a review of the individual, analysing their lifestyle, job requirements and how damage to the particular body part would really affect their lives. Some insurance covers include counselling for the recipient of the injury, to emotionally cope with their injury or disability.

So who can insure? Well, any of us! For example, if you work as an office secretary, you require your fingers to type every single day and without those digits your job will be in jeopardy and simply won’t be able to do it. However, if you are a secretary and do not experience any outrageous activities then your risk is low and probably wouldn’t be able to get insurance. But, for those secretaries/mountain climbers out there… consider insurance.

There are some strange insurance of body parts from the celebrity world and the ‘normal’ world. For instance the members of the Derbyshire whiskers club have insured their beards against fire and theft! Think that’s weird? A die-hard football fan went as far as to insure himself against psychological trauma in the very likely event of England losing the World Cup. Perhaps these cases really do contradict the ‘insurance for body parts that are crucial to their lives’ scenario.

So unless your life is based solely on appearance, and you desperately require a specific part of your body to live… Get insurance. If not, don’t waste your time.

This article was written by Policy Expert; specialists in motoring, home and pet’s insurance. Pretty much most types of insurance, expert that of body parts.

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