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How Does A Working Mom Find Time For Exercise?


There are many women that have decided that they need to stay home to care for their children as they grow and they have found that they can work from home and still care for their little ones. They work when the kids are in school or are down for a nap and are able to help contribute to the income for their families. They are very busy, between work and the kids and often find it difficult to fit in a work out. This does not have to be the case. There are ways that a mom can fit it into their lives, they just have to make the effort.

Exercise is necessary for anyone but for someone that stays at home with the kids, it can be even more important. If their job is done while sitting in front of a computer, they may not be up and moving like they would in job outside of the home. It can also be a strain on the nerves when you are cooped up in your house all day working and caring for the kids. Exercise is a great way to relieve some stress and burn some calories while you are doing it. You can focus on your body and not on the kids for a while, which can give you a much needed mental break.

Day Care At The Gym?

Getting a membership to the gym is a great way to stay in shape. Work can be completed on time and you can take the kids with you to the gym if there is a child care option there. When you put the kids in a child care center at the gym, they will have the chance to socialize with other children their age and you will be able to get the much needed workout completed. The people that work in the day care portion of the gym should be trained in CPR and will keep your kids safe until you return.

A Few Hours At The Park?

If there is one thing that most children love to do, it is to go to the park. There are usually so many things to keep them occupied that they do not really want or need an adult standing over their shoulder. If there is play area that they kids will be in, let them go play and you can walk laps around the area. This will keep your body moving while they are entertained. You are allowing them some play time, you some exercise time, and all without sacrificing your work or your attention to their needs.

Music While You Clean?

Another great way to get some exercise while you are at home with the children or working from home is to crank up the music. If you have the kids at home and the music turned high, you can all dance around the house together and have a great time. Kids love to see their parents happy, dancing and singing. They will think it is funny at first but will start dancing right along side of you. Dancing is a great way to get your heart pumping and is a wonderful source of exercise.

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    I read this blog and get valid information which guide the working mom . This is effective blog and very helpful for those mom who have no time for exercise .  If they act upon on this i hope they will get more benefits on health . I like this blog information and appreciate  it . 

  • san antonio fitness trainer

    Hi Jessy,
    Great blog and contains useful stuff for working moms to find time for exercise. It is the need of time as working moms feel difficult to have time for daily workouts and these tips will be of great help for them. Will share this link with my married coworkers. 

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  • Prarhan Personal Trainer

    It's just a state of mind. Every mother is under-resourced.  The choice is be happier when you MAKE the time to exercise of everyone suffers when you're lacking the energy throughout the day.

  • Celia Maciomhair

    Being a mom is a 24-hour job, and if you don’t take good care of your body, you’ll be more prone to illness and signs of aging. To stay fit and healthy, you must make time for a workout. Going to the gym is a good idea. Some gyms have day care facilities that’ll allow you to bring your kids to the gym, and let them play while you work out. Also, you can have workout sessions in your own home while the kids are taking a nap. It’s all about making an effort to stay healthy. If there’s a will, there’s a way, right?

  • Evelina Howe

    Right, Celia! I strongly agree with you! It’s a matter of balancing your time. It would be great way to unwind and free yourself from stress. Uhm, you can also hire a personal instructor as a guide during workout sessions at home. Working out can be more pleasant if you have someone to talk to while doing so. Besides, personal instructors usually turned out to be a friend in the long run.


  • Nicolas Ervin

    My wife and I are always busy with our work, but somehow, we still manage to work out. We go to the gym together every weekend, and if it’s too cold to go outside, we just stay at home and workout. It’s all about motivation, really. If you really want to be fit, you’ll find time for it no matter what.

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  • Michele

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