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  • on 04.02.2011
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Home Remedies to Treat a Sore Throat


home-remedies-sore-throatThere are many different home remedies to treat a sore throat from gargling different sort of liquids to herbal teas that you can make to drink. The best way to cure a sore throat is to avoid getting one to begin with. This can be done by eating right and taking part in physical activities like yoga or jogging.

When you take care of your body you do not have to worry about these remedies to begin with. Start eating better now and look around for a yoga center near you. If you do happen to come down with a sore throat there are several ways to help you kick that sickness as soon as possible.

There are many different gargle methods you can use to help relieve the pain of your sore throat. Some of the more popular methods of gargles that have been proven to help relieve sore throats include; salt water, Aspirin water, vinegar, garlic, sage and Aloe Vera juice. The salt water is the most popular method and has been around for ages. You just have to dissolve as much salt in a cup of warm water that can be dissolved and then gargle it. You can repeat it every couple hours to help if the pain persists. The same goes for the other ingredients, you have to dissolve or boil the ingredients in water than gargle to help keep the pain of that sore throat away. Any herbal tea that is recommended for a sore throat can be gargled for similar results as well.

There are many different herbal teas out there that can also help you with your sore throat and at the same time boost your immune system. Drinking herbal teas make before you have a sore throat can also help prevent you from having a sore throat to begin with. Some of the most popular herbal teas that help you with sore throats include the Traditional Medicines Throat Coat, slippery elm, wild cherry and licorice. All of these herbal teas and gargles are home remedies that will help treat and cure that nasty sore throat of yours.

The best defense against a sore throat is staying healthy. Exercising on a regular basis is the number one most important thing that anyone can do to stay healthy and fit. You can take all the vitamins and supplements in the world but if you don’t get regular exercise you will not stay healthy and will get regular sore throats.

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