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  • on 18.04.2011
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Why You Need a Home Gym if You’re Serious about Getting Fit on a Budget


Do you sometimes feel anxious at the thought of working out next to the fitter guys/gals down the gym? Sick to death of waiting in line for machines?

Does a busy schedule make it difficult to get to the gym? Do you hate the daily gym commute? If any of this sounds like you then working out at home is best thing you can do for your fitness goals.

There are tons of benefits to working out in your own home gym, some of which are:

Price The average gym in the US costs $500+ every year. Then of course you have to take into consideration the fuel bill on top of that if you use your car to get there and back. You can setup a home gym for as little as $400, and you won’t have to pay that out every year either.

No Queues – Providing you’re the only one using the home gym at any one time you’re not going to be queueing to use the pec dec any longer.

Convenience – We all live busy lives so finding that slot of time throughout the day can seem impossible. However, your gym is just a stones throw away so there’s no commute. If you’ve got kids you can workout whilst they’re sleeping. Also, I always used to forget my locker key or my towel, now all the things I need are close by.

Be Yourself – A lot of people get intimidated by much fitter people in the gym (me included), they worry about how they might come across and it affects their workouts. But, in your own home gym you’re the only person, you can feel comfortable again and remain fully focused on your workout.

Recommended Exercise Equipment

Before you go out and buy everything I recommend, it’s important to know what your own fitness goals are first, and also how that equipment is going to fit in your home.

For the average family looking to tone up, lose fat, or build muscle the following setup is ideal:

  • Standard Barbell (6ft)
  • Weight Plates (at least 210lbs)
  • Adjustable Weight Bench (decline/incline/flat/upright)
  • Doorway Chin Up Bar
  • Balance Ball
  • Stretching Mat
  • Rubber Mats (to protect your flooring)

As you’ve probably already noticed, there’s no cardio equipment whatsoever, that’s because you can expect to pay big bucks for a decent machine. For the sake of keeping this home gym as affordable as possible I recommend you just go for run/jog/power walk outside, you get the same workout but with the added benefits of being outside.

How much will this home gym cost me?

For all the equipment I’ve listed above here’s what you can expect to pay:

  • Barbell, Dumbbell, and 210 lb Weight Set ($150-$200)
  • Adjustable Weight Bench ($70-100)
  • Doorway Chin Up Bar ($20)
  • Balance Ball ($15)
  • Stretching Mat ($10)
  • Rubber mats ($50)

Total Investment: If my maths serves me well that’s a total investment of just $395. If you shop around for some used equipment I’m sure you can get everything above for a lot less. Winter has just gone but when it arrives again you can always opt for a treadmill or elliptical cross trainer for those colder months.

Wes is a fitness ethusiast who reviews exercise equipment and writes about working out at home at his site If you’re looking at starting a home gym or want a professional opinion on a home gym then be sure to check out his home gym comparison chart and the best rated home gyms of 2011.

  • Healthygirl33

    Great post! I am fortunate to go to an all women gym and pay a great price. However, over the years I have invested in workout equipment for my home to make sure I get my workout in when I can't make it to the gym. I have a full weights. but one day I would like to expand into a full home gym.

  • Davefitness

    I personally would rather a gym. there are some good gym's out there that don't cost to much.


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  • George @ Best Home Gym

    It is good to go to the local gym but I think having one at home is great to have too as it can be convenient.

  • JTX Cross Trainers

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