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  • on 13.02.2011
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Home Exercises for Women


home-exercises-womanToday, when there are so many responsibilities and social roles women play, not many of them have time to take care of themselves and their health. However we all know that any woman cannot accept the fact that she is not beautiful.

It is a common practice for people to think that most workouts can be done only in gym. But that is not the whole truth. In fact, you can workout whereever you feel comfortable.

For Arms

Arm exercises

Many women are interested in exercises that target a particular area. Most women with chubby arms are often insecure and less confident. They don’t feel comfortable wearing shirts with short sleeves. For them hand workouts can be a good choice.

Some effective and suitable hand workouts include Pushups, Tricep chair dips, Cable curls, Skull crasher and Dumbbell curls etc.

For Legs

Leg Exercises

Legs are another problematic area for women. Especially thighs that are fat can be a big source of discomfort for many women. This can be prevented by performing few effective leg workouts. Leg workouts may include Leg raises and Squats.

Leg raises greatly helps in shaping your thighs and strengthening your leg muscles. Squats perfectly tone your thighs and buttocks. Squats should initially be performed without using any weights but once you get a hang of it to have better results you should start using some weights.

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