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Hit the Dating Jackpot


datingFor the vast majority of single people in the world, the dating scene is a virtual nightmare. People are either unemployed, too strange to even consider seeing again, or in two separate ballparks when it comes to compatibility. However, there will be lucky individuals out there who will find themselves sitting across the table from a nurse. These people can consider themselves to have won the dating jackpot. If you have never considered the qualities that make a good nurse and compared them to the qualities that go into a good partnership, then you are about to gain an entirely new perspective.

There are many different aspects of nursing that turn out to be positive benefits for a significant other. The first of these is social. Nurses see all kinds of people from every walk of life in the community. They are always “in the know” when it comes to local events, news, and anything else of interest in the area. Nurses also bring to the table economic stability. The nursing field is expanding at a rapid rate, making it unlikely that a nurse will ever be unable to pay for their own dinner. A person should not overlook the obvious either. A nurse is a nurse. Any health problems or medical emergencies are within her field of expertise. A person will never be left unattended with the flu again.

The qualities of a nurse’s character also offer nothing but good things to a relationship. It is completely within their nature to care for anyone in need. Outside of being an excellent quality in any human, a significant other gets these benefits to themselves at all times. Nurses also have careers that increase their contentment in life rather than tear away at it. Instead of dating or living with someone who is consistently in a bad mood because of events at the office, a nurse tends to feel happy and rewarded at the end of the day. These feelings always walk through the door with them when they return home.

Nurses also enjoy quality time alone with significant others when they are not at work due to the duties of their profession. They socialize, assist patients, and stay on their feet for at least eight hours at a time. Because of these factors, a nurse in her free time is extremely open to quality time on the couch with a loved one when they are out of uniform. The list of benefits simply continues on from here, making any blind date with a nurse one that someone can consider a blessing.

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