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Healthy Video Gaming Gadgets That Improve Your Lifestyle


People associate video gamers with young sweaty teenagers who are alone in a dark room staring at a bright screen, shouting a range of expletives as they try to ‘p00n’ as many ‘n00bs’ as possible at Halo or CoD. Of course, these teenagers are moulded into the couch amongst a littering of Pepperami packaging and broken fragments of nacho cheese Doritos; engulfed by a metal sea of coke cans. However, this may be all about to change – a video game revolution is nearing… and its message? Fitness.

Imagine bench pressing princess peach in a Mario Party style game with your friends, or even cycling in Grand Theft Auto with a real bike! With the right equipment and games, exercise can be cunningly disguised – so it’s not a laborious task burning off those calories! Here is a selection of the best video game gear to help that stomach from expanding too much.

NFL Training Camp

Sometimes people are so appalling at playing sports they have to practice playing on their own. However, it is a fact that without a coach giving you gold advice your technique can go to pot. With NFL Training Camp you can practice over 70 drills and 8 challenges; which of all target different areas of performance. Using this NFL game in conjunction with ‘Total Body Tracking’ will enable the game to be updated with heart rate stats, pushing you towards a harder and more defined work out with each play.

Zumba Fitness

Zumba is a fitness phenomenon which has taken the world by storm, however not everyone loves getting sweaty dancing in a room full of people when they are generally useless at dancing anyway. With Zumba fitness you can take it at your own pace in the comfort of your living room. Get ready for intense movements and heavy sweating…sounds like a lot of fun aye! Benefits of Zumba include:

• Huge Calorie Burn

• Total Body Toning

• Great Stress release

• Gives you bodily awareness


What’s not to like?!


The point in Riiflex is to basically transform your Wii remotes into a pair of 2lb ergonomic dumbells! The point in this, is that when you are participating in your weekly Wii workout (try saying that three times in a row!), playing any game you like, you can build muscle at the same time! These are aimed at mothers with a slight inkling that they may have the accursed ‘bingo wings’; helping them to trim the loose fat off their arms in Wii style. So, now you won’t feel so bad when sitting down to have a game of Mario!


Cycling is great; everyone loves a bit of peddling fun! Although, some people do indeed feel a bit self-conscious when they ride, or perhaps they just can’t get out because it’s England and always raining! Well, the Cyberbike is the indoor alternative to outdoor cycling. A selection of games comes with the bike – all of which you have to compete to get points on, making indoor cycling a bit more interesting. Hop on the Cyberbike a few times a week, and you’ll be seeing results in your thighs and calves in no time!

New U Mind Body: Yoga & Pilates Workout

Keeping your mind in check is just as important as keeping your body in order. With New U Mind Body: Yoga & Pilates Workout, you can really get to grips with tackling Yoga & Pilates. Learn the poses from a real person on the screen – even the experts on the game struggle to pull some of the difficult poses! Utilizing this game, the exercises condition your body in a certain way which grants you a higher level of core strength, flexibility, balance & development over time. Overall it is a great way of staying fit in body & mind, and most importantly it game comes recommended from Yoga gurus – so it must be good!

In conclusion you can see that video games don’t have to increase the amount of body fat you have, but they can be used to shed it too. However, always remember that a fitness regime is always accompanied by a healthy diet – so try to implement eating healthy into your daily digital workout regime.

About the author: Jenny B loves buying new gadgets and has now found a healthy way to stay fit with these. If you you are looking to workout and have some fun and games why not check out Ladbrokes Games Online, for some other gaming entertainment fun!

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