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Healthy Teeth: Proper Diet and Proper Care


Proper oral hygiene is mandatory for healthy teeth and gums. By making use of some simple tips in order to achieve this goal, you can save lots of money for expensive treatments in the long run.  

One of the best and effective ways to maintain good teeth and gums are consuming food that is essential for such a purpose. Taking food and drinks that are low on sugar, is a must for healthy teeth. A proper diet will help you build up strong teeth and gums over the years.

Your diet plays an important part in keeping them healthy, here are a few items that you can consume to prevent tooth decay and gum problems –

  1. Green tea
  2. Vegetables
  3. Mint leaves
  4. Water
  5. Fruits
  6. Milk

Sodas, lollipops, and other food that contain a lot of sugar must be avoided. Smoking and drinking can also cause serious damage to the teeth.

While there are some toothache home remedies that you can follow in case you have tooth problems, it is crucial to follow these steps for good oral hygiene –

1. Brushing –

A soft brush should be used while brushing your teeth twice a day. Brush your teeth after you eat food, as this will clean your teeth immediately, and make sure it is bacteria free. Make sure to brush gently as you do not want to damage your gums. Remember to replace your brush every 3 months as well. A battery operated toothbrush is very effective for people with sensitive gums in order to remove plaque.

2. Flossing –

Flossing is essential, as a tooth brush cannot reach every nook and corner in your mouth. The first time might be a little painful for some, and even cause the gums to bleed, but as time passes you will be able to see the difference. While many people seem to think that flossing takes up a lot of time, with a little bit of practice you can soon do the task within a few minutes.

3. Mouth wash –

Using a good mouth wash, not only helps prevent bad breath, but helps to keep the mouth bacteria free. Remember to gargle the mouth wash for at least 30 seconds before spitting it out.

4. Visiting the dentist –

This is one visit that all of us dread. But it is essential to fix an appointment with the dentist at least every 6 months, to make sure your teeth are in proper condition. Getting the teeth cleaned by the dentist is also essential. It should be done every six months. Following these steps and maintaining a healthy diet, will go a long way in maintaining a healthy mouth.

Here are some simple and effective toothache home remedies to help you out the next time you have a tooth ache or sore gums –

1. Gargling with salt water, will reduce teeth decay and infection. It is also known that salt water will reduce pain in the teeth and gums as well.
2. If garlic and some salt is placed on the tooth, it will immediately relieve the pain. Since this remedy is easy and inexpensive, it is widely used.
3. A little bit of clove oil, when applied to the decayed tooth, will also give relief from the pain and stop the infection.

Read here for more tips on toothache home remedies.

  • Fitness Supplements

    I was surprised by green teas benefits to oral health until I started reading up about all the health benefits reported from its use! It kills the bacteria which causes bad breath and tooth decay – pretty cool stuff! I have several cups a day now!

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  • Sal Casley

    I bet dentists would say the same. Good job, ChickAndFit! I was actually looking for a diet that can help me with my tooth problems when I landed here in this blog. I'll be sending this link over to my folks at Lakeland, FL! Thanks!

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    Calcium, the most important element in the human body, has several major functions. In excess of 99% of your body's total calcium is stored in bones and teeth, functioning to support their structure. liquid calcium

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  • Sean Butcher

    Yeah! Proper diet is very important to your oral health and for your oral needs, as well. Together with proper oral hygiene and by eating healthy food, you may maintain it.

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  • Charles Roland

    Herbal products are best antibiotic product for getting relief from pain and for tongs teeth like clove oil is best herbal product for perverting tooth pain. Taking lime juice is also beneficial for toothache problem.  From homeremediesfinder I have got that wheat grass and tea tree oil is also very effective for the teeth problem.
    home remedies for toothache

  • MonaVie

    Very informative article. Oral hygiene plays a big role in a healthy body. A well balanced meal coupled with the tips above will help keep your teeth and gums healthy.

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    Calcium is a nutrient that is essential for strong bones & for supporting your body's critical functions such as controlling your blood pressure & maintaining your heart beat. Ninety-nine percent of your body's calcium is stored in your bones & teeth.

  • Dysgnathie von Heidelberg

    Periodontal disease may lead to heart attacks! Thooth hygiene is really really important!

  • Carolina

    Teeth require  an intensice care to get a great result. That depends  not only on  food, toothpaste, but the kind of  lifestyle you prefer. That is easy to take care of teeth, only desire!!!

  • RP Family Dentist

    Thanks for the tips. And I totally agree with Carolina when she says that it's about the lifestyle. It's not about the food but it also bears a great effect if you smoke or drink a lot. As the saying goes, you only have one set of teeth. No dentures will ever replace the natural ones.

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    Black coffee and is one of the best and natural with no added color and good for health, clear digestive problems and keeps you away from several of diseases away like reduce weight and burn calories and keeps you fit and healthy. 

  • Prevent Tonsil Stones

    Absolutely we can get healthy teeth only by taking proper diet and care. However, after consulting with a dentist some minerals should also taken in food because minerals and calcium are necessary for our teeth.

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  • Williams Schermer

    It’s useless to take care of your teeth regularly if you don’t eat properly.  If you want your teeth healthy, then you must avoid eating sweets. Also, sodas contain high levels of acid that can destroy your teeth. Stay away from dried fruits because their sugars are highly concentrated. It’s best to stick to fresh fruits and vegetables.

  • micalhassi

    Teeth are most important part of your our body. I need a proper care and look after as compare to other body parts. For white and healthy teeth, take brush 2 time in a day and for 2 mints. Use those foods which are rich in terms of calcium and other ingredients.  

  • micalhassi

    It’s useless to take care of your teeth regularly if you don’t eat properly.  If you want your teeth healthy, then you must avoid eating sweets. Also, sodas contain high level 

  • Ted Grimmer

    Eating foods that are rich in Vitamin D help promote healthy teeth and bones. It helps reduce the risk of tooth loss and makes our teeth stronger against cavities. One delicious example of calcium filled food is cheese.  It protects the teeth from the acid that causes tooth decay and helps rebuild tooth enamel. So the next time you go grocery shopping, do not forget to put cheese on your list.

  • Dietitian

    Calcium mineral is a prime ingredient for building strong teeth, especially for growing children. Dairy is a great resource, with choices such as use products, natural and cheese. And calcium isn't hiding in the fat, so look at use products and low-fat natural are just as good. Other options are green veggies such as spinach and bok choy, processed fish with bones, walnuts and South america nuts, and beans.

  • Maitland gym

    Very informative article about the teeth health.
    It provides great information about the teeth health and good diets for the healthy teeth.
    We should avoid too much ice cream, sugar, and sweets to keep away ourselves from teeth problems.!!!!!

  • ShiningSmiles dentistry

    It is right that, your diet will play an important role of your health. You have to eat more fruits and vegetables for health.

  • Rae Screen

    Proper diet and oral hygiene go hand in hand in protecting your teeth from harmful cavities. What’s the use of doing the whole oral hygiene regime if you don’t eat properly? Prevention is always better than cure, so make an effort to protect your teeth from toothache, gum inflammation, and other diseases before it’s too late. 

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