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  • on 14.01.2011
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Healthy Gums And Teeth Are Essential To Success


teeth-healthI work in a very competitive business, and my appearance is very important for my success. However, I was always side stepped when it came to promotions that I was the obvious candidate for. I was perplexed at this for a long time. I did my work well, always had good feedback in my appraisals and seemed to be respected in my work place by everyone I had contact with.

Why bad breath is bad for your success?

One day I was in the work canteen when I noticed a work colleague to step away from me. I was shocked, as I did not know why? I asked her why is this happening and the answer floored me, I can tell you. My work colleague informed me I have bad breath. I was devastated and explained to her that I had spicy food last night. The embarrassment did not end there. The work mate continued that, apparently I suffer from bad breath all the time and she was not the first to notice.

Well it was a wakeup call I can tell you. I started to think about it as I went to do my business that afternoon. I do suffer from bleeding gums and my teeth do ache some times. However, what could I do? I waited no longer, I rang my dentist and he reminded me it was over two years since my last visit. I attended the very next day.

What was my solution?

Whilst on the dentist chair he told me I was suffering from gum inflammation. I needed three fillings and on top of all that, I would need to visit the hygienist to discuss a dental oral hygiene routine. This would combat the bad breath. But I had to keep to a strict daily routine. I had to shop for good quality products as I was advised that cheap alternatives on the market would or may slow down my recovery. I was told that when brushing my teeth a nice firm up and down action is better than back to front rapid brushing. I was also informed that I should use mouthwash, especially if it is an anti – bacterial one.

I left the dental office with so much knowledge. It was hard to remember it all but not to worry as I was given leaflets on teeth and oral hygiene. And a date for my next check up with both the dentist and hygienist.

Proper oral hygiene gives more confidence

teeth-healthAfter all the treatment and the much needed education in oral hygiene (Do you know that the Danish term is Mundhygiejne?), I was amazed that my self confidence changed for the better, people seemed to be more at ease with me. And I got that all important promotion within a few months.

It just goes to show you that something as simple as brushing your teeth and keeping a simple twice a day oral hygiene routine can have such an effect on your confidence and make you a lot more approachable to friends and colleagues.

This guest article is by Lyuben Georgiev

cc licensed flickr photo shared by Symic

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