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Healthy and Delicious!


healthy-and-deliciousWe all love a good takeaway, some of us perhaps too much! We know that a takeaway meal is quick, delicious alternative to home cooking or the centre piece of a night in with friends and family, curled up on the sofa with a good film.

We know there are a multitude of choices out there from traditional favourites like pizza and curry to more adventurous options such as Caribbean or Thai food. We know that it is easy to get hold of with proprietors dotted all over cities towns and villages in the UK waiting at our beckon call in the form of a phone call or mouse click.

What we perhaps don’t know is takeaways can be both a healthy and tasty treat. The obesity crisis has been hammered into us enough by the government and countless weight-loss themed TV shows, anyone gorging on gallons of gloopy green curry on a regular basis will be well aware of the effects on their waistline.

Those of us with a sensible approach have nothing to worry about, a Indian feast with all the trimmings is perfectly acceptable once in a while. Problems arise however when spring rolls and onion bahjis become staple food groups. Despite what you may think, you can enjoy a guilt free takeaway. I recently popped into my favourite Nottingham takeaway and was delighted to find a whole host of healthy haute cuisine! Below is a guide to making informed choices when you next patronise your local take-away restaurant. Tuck in!


The effervescent curry is Britain’s most popular dish, a irresistible combination of succulent slow cooked meat marinated in aromatic herbs and spices served with rice and light, fluffy naan-bread. The downside is that most Indian food is cooked with Ghee, a substance more fatty and calorific than butter. An effective way to sidestep this belly busting ingredient is to opt for tandoori dishes, these are oven cooked and served dry, massively reducing the fat content. Choose tomato based sauces  such as Madras or Rogan Josh over creamy curries like Kormas.


Another threat to the non-elasticated trouser is the Chinese, a fellow stalwart of the British high-street. Many dishes include the infamous MSG additive that gives sweet and sour sauce it’s artificial orange glow. If you need a tape measure longer the great wall of China to reach around your waist then ditch the batter-encrusted starters and special rice for black bean sauces and grilled meat dishes , hot and sour soup also makes a tasty low calorie starter.


This is all about restraint as you have a lot more control over portion size, ingredients and side dishes, pick an XL and you will soon be buying clothes of a similar size. Rather than a stuffed crust, deep pan meat feast with extra cheese and every imaginable extra, stay true to the pizza’s Italian roots  and go for a smaller thin crust option with toppings like chicken, tuna, onions, peppers and olives. Swap fat drenched starters like garlic bread for a side salad and your 2 litre bottle of pop for a diet or sugar free alternative.

The takeaway is a British institution and I almost insist upon an exotic, glutinous banquet every month to accompany a good football match or the latest horror film. If you find yourself relying on the takeaway on a more regular basis however, you would be wise to take heed of these tips and alter your choices slightly. If not your weight in pounds may soon contain more digits than the phone number of your local Ruby Murray!

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