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  • on 29.01.2011
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Getting Six Pack Abs While Having Fun


six-pack-absSix pack abs, the most sought out figure by many people today. Some want to have that slim abs, others want that washboard abs or the chiseled abs. Regardless of what others call it, they are all pertaining to one common goal, and is encountering a common struggle.

That is, to do Ab exercises that almost all people hate. However, there are ways that can be done in order to do that exercise, and having fun in the process.

The first step in achieving the ultimate goal of having six pack abs is to understand it and how to get it. There are 2 factors involved in this, which are the ab muscle itself, and the belly fat that is covering that muscle. Thus, there are also 2 major steps that should be done. These are: 1) Strengthen the ab muscles, make them firm and big; 2) Lose that stubborn and unwanted belly fat that is covering them in order to show the ab muscles.

Strengthening the ab muscles includes ab exercises. This will aid in developing that chiseled abs that people are dreaming of, and at the same time helps in losing fat. Certain exercises that can be done are Circular Leg Lifts, Chair Holds, Abdominal Jumps, and exercises that can be done by using the fitness ball. These exercises focus in strengthening the body’s core.

The second step, which is losing the belly fat, is the simplest yet the hardest part of the process. There is no shortcut in doing this, and there is no exercise that can target only the abs. Losing the belly fat is simply, losing fat. The best way in dropping fat and revealing the six pack abs is by doing cardio. Ab exercises will strengthen the ab muscles and make them bigger, diet will help in increasing your metabolism to burn calories, and cardio is best to simply burn up the calories.

Below are some easy ways that can be done to start doing cardio on a regular basis.

Choose something that is convenient for you. You can either do swimming, or just do jogging, whichever fits your schedule. If you do not have time to go out, then you can also do some light kettlebell swings at home.

Be sure to have fun!

Exercises are hard to do especially if you are just starting. Find ways that will make that exercise fun for you. You can listen to music while working out, exercise and do something that you enjoy, track your progress and brag about it to your friends, etc… As long as you enjoy what you are doing, then you will have no reason to stop doing it.

Add the activity in your schedule. Either it will be your daily schedule, or your weekly schedule, as long as you add it in the beginning of the day or week. If people will try to invite you for drinks or to hang out, be religious in your schedule and just say “No.”

Pain is not necessarily a sign that what you are doing is right. If you are in pain, then you cannot continue your workout. Having no pain or sore is a good sign. You can then slowly increase the intensity for you to lose more fat.

All these exercises are really hard at first, but realize that by continuing to do this will eventually help you reach your goal. Just have fun while doing it. This increases your motivation, since the sense of being forced to do the exercises will be replaced with the fun that you are having while doing the exercises.

Alex writes about healthy ways on how to get a six pack. He strongly believes that this should be done using natural and safe methods. All his articles are easy to follow and are based on established research and personal experience.

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