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  • on 15.04.2012
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Getting Fit with Your Kids – Keeping In Shape


A lot of the time it can seem hard to find the time you need to keep yourself healthy. We are often being told that, if we want to live a long life, we need to have regular exercise.

A lot of people may not want to do this of course, they may say that, at the moment they have ‘too much work’ or the like, and will put it off for the future. I know I have done this – I’ve said that when I manage to get on top of my work I’ll find the time to really get in shape, but it seems there is never enough time for this.

If you constantly put it off, you will never find the time to get the exercise you need, so it is a matter of simply finding the time now, simply by combining as many things as possible. A lot of people may, for example, start riding a bike to work instead of taking the car – this means that you will be getting exercise that you need on the way to work, while saving money in the process. This is not the only way of doing it however.

Exercising with your Children

If you have children, they will no doubt take up a lot of your time as well. However consider this – “every problem is a solution in disguise”. If you have something that takes up a lot of your time, such as managing the kids or keeping them entertained, combine this with getting exercise.

To do this, simply get your kids to work-out with you. Obviously it is not a matter of taking them down to the gym and making them run on treadmills, but if you can play with your children in a way which will get them a lot of exercise, you will be getting exercise too. This can mean that you will be saving a lot of time, while getting exercise for you and your kids.

This then means that you won’t have to find extra time in the day for a personal workout, simply because you will be getting it during play time. If you’re anything like me then saving time here will be a load off your mind, and will give you the opportunity to really get fit while having a good time with your kids.

Eating Healthily

Obviously you can extend this to everything that you do with your children. This is really a good way to go, simply because you will be able to associate only positive things with the thought of your children. If when you look at your kids your first thought is ‘how can I help keep them healthy’, you are doing it right.

Consider other ways of keeping your kids, and yourself, healthy. Such as:

  • Playing with them every day in cardiovascular exercises
  • Eating healthy foods with them, such as heavy metal detox foods
  • Turn simple things such as walking to school into a game to keep them entertained

These and many more things will really allow you to make both yours and your kids’ lives far better, as it is important that both of you are kept healthy.

This is simply because your kids are growing, and any problems here will only affect them in later life. They are also dependent on you, and so require you to stay in good shape as well as setting a good example – if they can see that you prioritize staying healthy over other things, and then they will start to act in a similar manner, which will only help both you and them in the long run.

Tracy Martin is a young mum of three, currently finding ways to keep her kids entertained and interested in staying fit. From playing football to going dancing, she’s found many different ways to keep her kids healthy. Whether it’s going running or looking for where to buy Chlorella, it’s revolutionized the way her family acts and stays fit in the long run.

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