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  • on 17.08.2009
  • at 08:20 PM
  • by Jessy Troy

Fruit Erotica: 20 Hottest Fruit Photos


I honestly don’t know if this collection is going to motivate you to stick to a diet consisting of more raw fruit and vegetables or not.

I suppose impersonated fruit can even make you feel weird when eating it, but I just couldn’t stand the temptation to share he list with you.

So here we are: hot and sexy fruit and vegetables – believe it or not!

1. Hot peach:

Hot peach

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2. “Cleavage”


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3. “Sexy… red”

Sexy red

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4. More sexy red

Sexy red

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5. Sexy yellow

Sexy yellow

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6. Daikon


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7. Ooh la la… organic


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8. Kitchen lovers

Kitchen lovers

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9. Sexy tomato

Sexy tomato

Img by

10. Juicy nude

Juicy nude

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11. Sexy carrots

Sexy carrots

Img by

12. More sexy carrots

Sexy carrots

Img by

13. Hot or not

Hot or not

Img by

14. Sexy corn

Sexy corn

Img by

15. Cantaloupe


Img by

16. He


Img by

17. She


Img by

18. Sexy apple

Sexy apple

Img by

19. Sexy pear

Sexy pear

Img by

20. Sexy kiwi

Sexy kiwi

Img by

  • Giulia

    :)) these pics made me laugh so hard! great imagination and nice collection!

  • canon digital camera

    :)) funny picture

  • Silver

    Wow…that made me laugh!! xDD

  • Engagement Rings

    Well i had not seen such vegies in my home.But I must say that, one who had gathered these images must had great imagination

  • Diet Pills

    Great images, makes you look at fruit and veg in a totally different way!

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