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  • on 05.08.2011
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From Sprays to a Propane Mosquito Killer: Getting Serious About Mosquito Protection


You want to enjoy your time outdoors, but you have these annoying mosquitoes that bite. They buzz around you incessantly, taking aim at your exposed skin.

When you want to get serious about mosquito control, you need an arsenal of good products, including the right sprays and the most effective propane mosquito killer.

Once you have your arsenal stocked, you’ll be less likely to be bitten and back to enjoying the summer again.

Product #1: Products Containing DEET

DEET is great at repelling insects. Available in all sorts of forms, from sprays and lotions to rub-on sticks, DEET’s effectiveness varies based on concentration. The more the DEET in the product, the longer-lasting protection you’ll enjoy. Some products last up to 9 or 10 hours. Others lose their mosquito-repelling effects within an hour.

Either way, DEET is a short-term solution. It doesn’t kill mosquitoes and it doesn’t affect their overall population. When you use DEET, you are just keeping the mosquitoes you have away. They are less likely to bite you, but they are still there.

Like all chemicals, use DEET only as instructed. And use your common sense. Don’t spray it on kids’ hands, which can end up in their mouths or eyes. Once inside, wash DEET off. And always follow the instructions.

Product #2: Products Containing Permanone

Products containing Permanone actually kill mosquitoes and other biting insects, they don’t just repel them. However, you can’t spray these products on your skin. They should only be used on your clothes, shoes, bedding, etc.

And while products containing Permanone kill mosquitoes, they don’t kill enough to affect the population. They just kill enough to provide you with some short-term relief.

Product #3: Propane Mosquito Killer

A propane mosquito killer is the big guns in your mosquito control arsenal. They will not only kill mosquitoes, but, when run continuously, kill enough of them to affect the mosquito breeding cycle. Eventually, usually after several weeks, they will kill off enough of the mosquito population that these nasty insects are no longer detectible in your yard.

When looking for a propane mosquito killer, select one that emits a steady stream of carbon dioxide, heat and moisture. This is a combination mosquitoes find irritable, and it’s this particular combination that draws mosquitoes to us.

The most advanced mosquito killers will use counterflow technology to emit a precise stream of CO2 while creating a vacuum to suck the mosquitos up. Once inside the machine, they become trapped in a net where they dehydrate and die.

Since mosquito breeding occurs at 50 degrees and above, the trap should only run once it hits 50 degrees. Look for mosquito killers with an auto start up/shut down feature. They’ll know when to turn on, taking advantage of the times they can affect the mosquito population, while not wasting your propane by running when they shouldn’t.

Michelle Anderson, a guest blogger, regularly writes about mosquito control products, including the propane mosquito killer.

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