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  • on 22.08.2011
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Five Ways A Bad Relationship Can Make You Fat


It’s no secret that bad relationships can be toxic for the individuals involved in them. Bad relationships cause physical and emotional distress that manifests itself in many ways, most notably by depression and weight gain. This article lists five ways that a bad relationship can make you fat.

1. Eating comfort food to ease the emotional impact of a bad relationship. When things go bad, many are inclined to reach for food to soothe the hurt feelings. The chosen foods are usually high in fat or carbohydrates such as pasta, rice, chips, or french fries. Portion control is not usually a factor so large amounts of calories and fat are ingested when the person is looking for “relief.”

Some say that the cure for a bad relationship or bad break-up is online dating rather than comfort foods, by the way.

2. Stress wreaks havoc with the human body and causes weight gain. The physical effects of stress are well known. According to, the human body releases adrenalin, a corticotrophin releasing hormone (CRH), and cortisol when it is initially stressed. Typically, the body experiences a loss or reduced appetite at the onset of the stress; however, it is short-lived. During the body’s recovery, cortisol stays in the body to assist with replenishment of the nutrients. Elevated cortisol levels cause the body to consume more food and gain weight.

3. In distress, people become sedentary. Crying and eating are the common releases for individuals involved in bad relationships. Limited physical activity combined with eating comfort food results in many more calories consumed than used. Of course, the result is weight gain.

4. Lack of sleep leads to weight gain. Fretting over the bad relationship leads to sleepless nights. Insomnia will expand the waistline because a lack of sleep diminishes the amount of energy a person has. Less energy means fewer calories burned. Also, insomnia causes more cortisol to be released into the body which is detrimental to maintaining a healthy weight.

5. Binge drinking to deal with the bad relationship can pack on the pounds. Sometimes, the person will turn to the bottle for relief from a bad relationship. Often, the person does not have a limit to what he or she will drink but will drink until he or she “feels good.” Generally, heavy drinking is accompanied by eating with reckless abandon so there is no consideration of calories or nutritional value.

Instead of suffering, the person in the bad relationship needs to face the issues and move on if necessary. After all, a bad relationship can be hazardous to a person’s health!

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