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Five Things That Will Stop You Attending The Gym


It’s common knowledge that most of us want to go to a gym – after all, we all want to be fit, healthy and with a body to die for. But the fact of the matter is – most people who join a gym cease attending after a relatively short time.

There are a number of reasons this happens, from a lack of proper changing cubicles or lockers to leave your stuff in, to rude staff and bad management. Here is just a selection, as well as some tips on how you can avoid these factors stopping you from joining the trend, and paying for a gym membership that you never use.


A common rookie mistake is choosing to join a gym that is just too far from home. If we’re going to attend a gym regularly, we need it to be within easy reach – a 10 mile round trip might seem like little effort at first, but once the journey becomes reality, you’ll quickly tire of it and will be unlikely to put in the work that’s needed.

With this in mind, it’s often necessary to sacrifice certain aspects of a gym (such as a pool or sauna) simply to have a facility that’s near to you. The nearer the better really; if you can walk there – fantastic – you’ve no excuse not to go!

Lack Of Results

The main reason most people join a gym is because there is something specific they want to achieve, whether it be weight loss, weight gain or a simple raise in fitness levels. Therefore, if we’ve been attending a gym for a number of weeks or months and aren’t seeing the results we’re after, it can be incredibly demotivating and we’re very likely to give up.

In order to avoid this, ensure to join a gym that offers a decent level of personal assistance. Too many gyms are happy to get members to sign on the dotted line, and then completely ignore them, so do some research first to make sure you join a gym that actually cares.

And then make sure you actually take advantage of the help and advice available. The primary reason most people don’t get results is because they’re doing the wrong thing, or doing the right thing the wrong way. So take the advice of the professionals to ensure that you get, and stay, on the right track to achieving your goals.

Dirty or Impractical Changing Rooms

A significant amount of time spent at a gym or health club is spent in the changing rooms. We use them to wash, get changed and often do our hair and make-up. Therefore it’s vital that we’re happy to use these facilities, otherwise it can be a big contributory factor in us ceasing to attend the gym.

Not only should the changing rooms be clean and just generally pleasant, but they should also supply a sufficient amount of lockers and changing cubicles. What’s more, the lockers should be secure, since what we don’t want is to be fretting about leaving our stuff unattended while we complete our workout. Also, there needs to be enough changing cubicles (and in most cases, shower cubicles) so that we are never waiting around in order to start or finish our workout, as the hassle of this could easily dent our motivation and contribute to us neglecting our membership.

Insufficient Facilities

Although a gym’s facilities are only of so much importance (we don’t actually need a swimming pool in order to get fit, and we certainly don’t need a sauna!), the condition and usability of them is vital. For example, most gym’s ‘rush hour’ (so to speak) is between about 5 and 7pm (when people finish work), and a common problem in many gyms is that there just aren’t enough machines to go around. This can often result in people actually queuing up to use machines! Not only is it very annoying having to wait around to use a particular machine, but it’s also incredibly off putting if you’re running away on the treadmill while people behind you are tapping their foot and looking at their watches.

In order to avoid this, make sure you visit any gym that you’re considering joining during these times. If you wish, visit 2 or 3 times before you actually make the decision whether or not to join, just so you can be sure that when you go to work out, the facilities will be available for you to do it.

Bad Time Management

Many people state time as a reason for them not joining a gym, or as the reason they joined yet no longer go. Yet the truth is, there are 168 hours in a week, with an average of 40 spent working, and 56 spent sleeping. That leaves 72 hours to do everything else – and realistically we only need to dedicate 2 or 3 of these to the gym.

The best tip for managing your time (and your motivation) better is to go directly to the gym after work – do not pass go, do not collect $200, just get yourself to the gym. The problem is that we tend to believe that we can go home, get changed and then pop back out to the gym while the reality is that few of us possess the motivation to do that.

Therefore, making the gym part of your work and home routine will not only save time (because you’re cutting out a journey) but it will also keep your motivation up and ensure that you actually go!

This article was written by Amy Fowler on behalf of Prospec. Amy writes on a number of subjects including exercise and gym facilities such as lockers and cubicles.

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