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  • on 19.07.2012
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Five Smart Ways to Beat Setbacks When on a Diet


There are different reactions that you can get upon hearing that word DIET. Some would feel good about themselves, because they are doing a great job when it comes to dieting. Some would hate the word because of different reasons.

One is because they have failed to stick to it and now they feel that they are a failure. The second reason is dieting technically restricts their lives. They cannot eat whatever they want, because they had to follow a certain number of calories to be able to stick to it. Another reason why people feel bad when they hear the word “diet” is that they feel unhappy just thinking of not eating their favorite food.

With dieting comes commitment. If you do not commit yourself in doing it, you will definitely fail. It is a decision that you have to commit to and make yourself agree that you are doing it for the sake of yourself and the people you love.

Why is that?

Because there will come a time when temptations will lure you. With all the wonderful restaurants out there, with all those new inventions of drinks, it is hard to resist.

If you put your heart to it and try these five ways in beating the setbacks of dieting, maybe you will achieve your goals…

  1. Fill your pantry and cupboards with healthy food. If the options that you have from your cupboards in your pantry are all healthy, then you can’t be tempted with the junk food. Your pantry is the easiest way to get food so make sure that you stock up on the right food and snacks. Staying away from temptation is the easiest way to avoid setbacks when on a diet.
  2. Shop smart and choose healthy food. Make a list of healthy foods that you can buy like whole wheat bread, cereals, fruits, lean meat, canned beans and more, before going grocery shopping and make sure that you stick to that list. Also, fill your stomach before heading to the store and have some healthy snacks as this can help you fight your cravings and will give you the will power to avoid the unhealthy food from landing in your shopping cart.
  3. Say “no” when it comes to desserts. Dining out with family and friends can lead you to temptation of having dessert. If you can, say no and wait until you get home so you can have a healthier alternative to satisfy your sweet tooth. Or if it is really a special occasion and you feel that you deserve to indulge a bit, portion your dessert so you don’t have to finish all of it.
  4. Don’t go to a party with an empty stomach. I know, you are supposed to go to the party to eat. But for the people who are on a diet, it is much better to have a light snack like soup or crackers at home before heading to the party. Facing the temptation of delicious food in the party would be easier to handle with a full stomach.
  5. If you fail, forgive yourself and move on. Many people fail when they are on a diet. That’s understandable. The best way is to forgive yourself and move on. If you don’t forgive yourself, then you can’t get back on track, you then lose the chance of attaining your weight loss goal.

Resisting those temptations when you are on a diet is hard but again, if you decide to work on it and if you have your heart and mind on it, you can overcome these and who knows; maybe you can even reach your goal.

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