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  • on 24.03.2011
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Five Simple and Healthy Habits


We all want to be healthy, but few of us make the necessary changes to our diet and lifestyle to make a real impact. It can seem hard to commit to strict rules when our busy routines don’t allow for such drastic measures.

If extreme diets aren’t realistic for you, there are still a few healthy and simple habits you can practice that will make a difference. These are things we should all do, and these changes don’t require much effort in order to enjoy the benefits they offer.

1) Sleep

It’s common for many people to not get the necessary amount of sleep they need every night. However, it is important we make time for down time. It is recommended everyone receive seven to eight hours of sleep per night, and if you get a full night’s sleep, you’ll notice how much better you’ll feel the next day. It’s been proven that people are more efficient, motivated, and productive when they’ve got a full night’s sleep.

2) Supplements

Whether your diet is vegetarian, or just lacking in a few key vitamins, you should take supplements. There are many different kinds of supplements, all of which are beneficial to your health. For those who don’t have enough access to fish, or who have a strict religious diet, you can balance out your nutrition with the help of supplements.

There are supplements to help those with weak bones, for those who want to lose weight, for those who don’t eat red meat, or even for those overcoming illness.

3) Drink water

Few of us drink the daily amount of water we need to be healthy, while our intake of other liquids might be incredibly high. Soda, coffee, and other drinks don’t count. Make sure you drink a solid eight glasses of water every day, and you’ll notice a broad range of health benefits.

4) Walk

Sounds simple enough, but you may be surprised at how little you walk in a week. No matter what lifestyle you lead, you have time for a fifteen minute walk every day.

Whether this be on your lunch hour, or before dinner, this short and simple exercise routine does wonders for your health. If you’re not into walking, make easy changes in your every day life that gets you active, such as taking the stairs rather than the escalator or elevator, or walk to the store rather than drive.

5) Cut down on your vices

Although we all know not to abuse alcohol or smoke, there are other unhealthy vices you should cut down, or cut out completely for your health. For example, drinking excessive amounts of coffee every day may not seem like a big deal, but it can have damaging affects on your health.

Drinking large quantities of caffeine in any form has a negative impact on your health, although one or two cups of coffee a day can result in long term health benefits. As with anything, drink coffee in moderation; your health, and your budget will thank you.

This post was written by Holly Adams, who works for Coupon Croc

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