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  • on 20.07.2011
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FitRabbit Turns Achieving Your Fitness Goals into a Social Game


Calorie counting and tracking workout intensity through software can often be a bit of chore. FitRabbit is a mobile app (currently only supported for the iPhone) that puts a twist on traditional diet and fitness software by turning your fitness goals into a fun, social game.

Through the app, you can win prizes for healthy activities and share your meals and workouts with your friends. Since it’s mobile (as opposed to being a web or desktop app), it makes it pretty easy to track what you’re doing. It pulls calorie information from the USDA (through an API called FatSecret) and has a heartrate monitor. And finally, the app was created by me, a normal programmer chick who’s just trying to stay fit :)

Fitness (and everything else, for that matter) is becoming increasingly social with the rise of Facebook, Twitter and now Google+. For me personally, there is nothing more inspirational to me than knowing that Julie and Steph buy delicious and healthy fruit from the Farmers’ Market. Or knowing that Chris lifts weights at the gym almost every day and then has a home cooked meal of salad and chicken cordon bleu. Through FitRabbit, I can see what healthy activities my friends are up to (if they choose to share that info with me.)

The app spices things up a little bit by turning the achievement of your health and fitness goals into a game. The Garden and Moo Prizes, for example, go to users who eat fruits and vegetables four times a week or drink enough milk. The Body Builder Prize (winning requires working out 5 days a week) can give users the incentive to get in that last workout at the end of the week. The capstone FitRabbit Prize can only be won by users who work out frequently, eat enough fruits and veggies, and avoid sugar.

The app tries to strike a balance between being advanced and, at the same time, fun and accessible to ordinary people, who are too busy to track every little thing or pore over multiple graphs and reams of data. Activity entry is pretty easy through FitRabbit. The user can snap photos of their meals and then do the calorie lookup later. I use the app while I’m on the elliptical. With a few taps and zero typing, I am able to track my heartrate while I’m working out. The apps aims to be useful, without being distracting.

I hope others will find this app as helpful as I have. Check it out and write a review! Or contact me at I am constantly iterating on the app, and I would love to hear your feedback! Thanks!

  • Amber

    Thanks, chickandfit! You can download the app at:

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  • Tatianna

    That is so cool, I didn't know you were a programing chick!  My phone doesn't have app though.  Hopefully I will get any iphone soon.

  • Amber

    Thanks, Tatianna! I'm going to work on a mobile web version as well, I'll post to Twitter when that's out!

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