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  • on 05.04.2010
  • at 01:05 PM
  • by Jessy Troy

Fitness Trends are they Worth the Hype?


We all understand how important it is to get fit but there are so many different kinds of programs and classes popping up how do you decide which one to choose?

fitness trends After taking the time and consideration to research the numerous options for how to achieve your goals, you will most likely stumble upon a few “Fitness Trends.”

Rather than invoking the proven methods of dieting sensibly and exercising over a period of time, fitness gurus have come up with new and trendy ways to work out. While they may be sexy and fun, are they actually producing results?

Here are a few examples.

1. Yoga Booty Ballet. This is a weight reduction system that uses yoga, dance, and body sculpting all rolled into one workout. It’s well known for targeting most women’s problem areas – abs and booty. While this serves as a great cardio workout, it’s not particularly great in refining the body and incorporating a successful combination of mind and body that’s essential to yoga.

2. The Burlesque Workout. This offers a twist onto a straight forward cardio routine of dancing. The Burlesque Workout is designed to slim and tone your body, while also helping you gain confidence and unleash your inner sex kitten. Again, another good cardio workout and a bit of fun, but not great for those unfamiliar with dance.

3. The Pole Workout. This combination of dancing and striptease, involving a strippers pole, offers a radically wild workout that combines yoga, stripping, and ballet. They promote helping women stay healthy while also nurturing their wholesome sexuality. Although it’s a bit fun and naughty, usually women who want to get in shape for their wedding want nothing to do with stripping.

While these trendy workouts offer a good time combined with some exercise, it’s not necessarily going to do the trick to get you in shape for the big day. Working out in any shape or form is always better than being sedentary, but these are mostly just gimmicks trying to get future brides to spend money.

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