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Facebooking Your Way to Better Health


We all waste time on Facebook every day; what if all that status updating and profile reading could result in better health? If you’re trying to get back in shape, Facebook might be able to help you! Here are a few ways to make this social network work into your fitness plan:

You might be surprised to find that a number of friends are also interested in getting back into shape. Find a few of them and start a private (hidden) Facebook group together. You can invite other friends as you find more people interested and post about your habits, struggles, and more to keep one another motivated.

  • Post before and after pictures.

Every month, take pictures of yourself in front of the mirror – one standing to the front and one standing to the side. Post them to your profile in a special fitness folder. The knowledge that you’re going to do so will keep you motivated since you’ll want there to be visable progress for your friends. The comments you receive will also likely be encouraging – friends can be very supportive, even when weight loss is slow. This can also help you find friends for your Facebook fitness group if you’re hoping to add a few new members.

  • Link your running apps to your Facebook page.

You can track your progress and update your status automatically with a number of apps available for download to your smartphone. Many allow you to connect with your Facebook profile so your status is updated automatically.

  • Join your gym’s Facebook page.

Many gyms have Facebook pages that you can join to get tips, information about monthly deals, and more. This is a great way to stay connect with whatever is going on at your gym, as well as save a little money. When you’re more involved with your gym’s community, you’ll be more likely to go more often.

  • Create fitness-related event invites.

Facebook is an awesome tool for creating event invites, and if you’re trying to stay in shape, you can create pages for special events using your Facebook page. For example, invite your friends to see you run in your first 5K or have a party (with only healthy foods and drinks of course) to celebrate milestone weight loss goals being met. Having special events to look forward to can definitely help you stay motivated.

  • When you’re tempted to cheat on your diet by snacking, log into Facebook instead!

It’s often a joke just how much time we spend on Facebook, but if we’re doing that instead of going to the fridge for another snack, it’s time well spent! Use the addictive nature of social media to prevent you from snacking when you’re board.

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  • Matt Long

    Great tips. Facebook is a good social support for weight loss journey. You can post your progress or get motivation from friends or family. 

  • Woodstock Personal Trainer

    Brilliant concept. Its really useful things here. Thanks for sharing good guidance.

  • opc

    Many people waste their time on Facebook by uploading photos, making and commenting on the status of the friends and clicking on some applications and games to have fun; they do not know that they can also use Facebook  as a way to be able for them to be healthy. I hope many people could read and be informed about this.

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