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Experience The Benefits Of Eating Five Meals Per Day


There are many benefits to consuming five nutrient dense meals per day over fewer, large meals that are so common in our society. Below is a discussion of several of these benefits.

Increased Energy

Five evenly spaced meals throughout the day can have a noticeable, positive impact on energy levels. So many people in our society rely on caffeinated beverages such as sodas, coffee, and energy drinks to give them a boost. The fact is that these stimulant infused beverages actually perpetuate fatigue by providing only a temporary increase in energy that often results in a drastic and rapid crash. Additionally, caffeine and similar stimulants can remain in the body for well over twelve hours, causing disturbed sleep and prolonged anxiety, which has a negative effect on energy levels. By consuming five nutritious meals distributed evenly throughout the day, blood sugar levels remain stable, which results in an efficient use of nutrients by the body and sustained energy levels.

Weight Loss

It is counterintuitive to believe that eating more often can result in weight loss and maintenance of a healthy weight. As previously mentioned, eating five nutritious meals spaced evenly throughout the day ensures stable blood sugar levels. When blood sugar is stable and does not drastically fluctuate, the frequency of insulin production is reduced. The body’s insulin response acts as a mechanism to remove sugar from the blood and can result in excessive body fat production if it is over stimulated. The best way to combat this phenomenon is to consume the recommended daily allotment of calories in five separate meals.

Reduced Cravings

One of the primary obstacles to successful weight loss is food cravings, which are most common in the evening. Cravings that result in food binging are a double edged sword. Consuming an excessive amount of calories at one sitting stimulates the insulin response that is detrimental to weight loss efforts. Also, eating a large quantity of food, especially in the evening, reduces the body’s opportunity to experience a neutral or negative calorie balance, and creates an environment that is not conducive to maintaining a healthy body weight.

Enhanced Mood

Failing to eat at regular intervals throughout the day can cause a person to become irritable and grouchy. The reasons for the potential mood fluctuation are a result of inadequate or unstable levels of blood sugar and are not remedied by simply eating once or twice a day. Along with drinking things like juiced vegetables, green tea, or scientifically structured health drinks like Monavie acai juice, eating five nutritious meals per day allows the body to efficiently operate and maintain a stable hormonal environment that may result in enhanced mood and reduced anxiety and irritability.

Overall Health

Consuming five nutritious meals per day allows the body to absorb nutrients vital to health that it otherwise would not be able to when fewer, larger meals are consumed. Stress placed on the digestive system caused by consuming infrequent, high calorie meals reduces the body’s effective absorption of nutrients. Eating multiple, nutrient dense meals per day also gives the person a greater opportunity for food variety, thus resulting in more vitamins, minerals and other healthy compounds being ingested and absorbed. These nutrients are critical to health through enhancing immune system integrity, reducing free radical damage, and preventing disease.

As with regular exercise, consumption of five quality meals per day is essential to overall health. The benefits of maintaining a healthy weight, enhanced mood and increased energy can last a lifetime.

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