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  • on 18.05.2010
  • at 03:20 PM
  • by Jessy Troy

Exercise Myths You May Not Be Aware Of


exercise mythsA lot of people follow strict exercise regimes and you will find that some of these are not right at all because they are using myths that are simply not true at all. Let’s take a look at some of the myths that people often assume are true.

Pain Is Good

We have all heard it, no pain, no gain but is this really true? Of course it isn’t, if the body is showing signs of pain it is actually telling you that something is wrong so exercising when you are in pain is not the best of ideas at all. Whilst muscle soreness can be expected I would never actually work out on real pain because it will damage your body even more. Give yourself some time to recover!

Don’t Eat Before Working Out

If you are working out on an empty stomach then the exercise is going to make a bigger impact on the body right, wrong! Although I would never advise you eat a full blown meal just before you start on that exercise regime I would always recommend that people have a light snack to restore the body’s energy. If you do not do this you will find that you will not be able to exercise for a very long period of time at all.

Eating At Night Will Make You Gain Weight

This is not true at all unless you are having a fourth main meal to the day late at night. Choosing to have your dinner at around 9pm will not make any difference to if you were having it at 5pm. If you are gorging on pizzas and fatty snacks then of course you are going to put on weight, it is really common sense this one.

Sweating Is A Sure Sign Of Weight Loss

This one is also a load of rubbish, it is only the body’s way of telling you that you need to cool down and sweating is a means to do this. You could be having a long walk or working out in a pool and it
would still burn a significant amount of calories without even one drop of sweat.

You Have To Exercise Regularly To Lost Weight

Any exercise is of course better than nothing so even if you are only going for a short run once or twice a week it is going to be better than sitting there and doing nothing and it will make a difference to
the way you look and feel.

So there you go, just a few myths that people may not be aware of, there are many more out there.

Ryan is an internet marketer representing a company that sell pressure washers and reverse parking sensors. He exercises most nights to keep fit and was surprised by some of these myths.

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