Article written

  • on 23.09.2011
  • at 07:38 PM
  • by Jessy Troy

Even With Discounts and Promos, it Still Holds: Beauty Comes with a Fee


There is always a price tag attached to anything and everything there is. Do you want the perfect hair? The salon’s services are not free! Are you dying for that buffed and toned physic? Gym’s membership is costly! Are your spirits dipping low as your wrinkles and lines are?

Again, you can have it done for a fee! Literally everything that we desire and hope to achieve is labelled with price that we willingly pay for. Some brave souls have dared to ask the logic behind this need. Answers may have been found but the mystery still remains. As long as a person feels the need to look and feel better, beauty will always come with a fee.

News all over is saying that there is a lot going on in the Medical tourism in the Philippines. They say that most foreigners troop to this tropical land not only to bask in the sun but for its booming Beauty industry. Do the cosmetic surgeons offer great discount? Are vouchers available readily online? Are their promotions so unique and inviting that no one will be able to resist? Yes, could probably the answer to these because how else can the Beauty industry in the Philippines be this popular! With the tremendous airfare promotions available nowadays, Philippines has become a stone’s throw away from any point in the globe. You not only get the country’s claim to fame, but you also get to enjoy the scenic and captivating beauty of its many islands.

The risks involved in every procedure or treatment vary with each patient. These inherent factors are kept at a certain level because of the ever changing technology. Clients are now given the option whether to go under the knife or not. I am truly amazed at how the beauty business has come a long way. Gone were the days when people are too embarrassed to admit that they have undergone treatment. It has become a way of life for some, a means to find inner happiness, the cure for insecurity, and the chance to fame for some. Mind you, not only those who can afford are scampering to enhance their natural beauty. Even those who barely have enough for the basics, will look for the biggest discounts at every possible beauty clinics, just to achieve that brand-new-you look. Though the beauty business will remain to be as lucrative as it is even without the myriad of promotions we see everywhere.

Beauty or the illusion of having it will continue to be a state of mind. It’s not only in the eyes of the beholder, but more in the person himself. Achieving it may come with a fee, sometimes even the person’s life, but that’s reality. The beauty business feeds on our “heartfelt” desires and lures us in that abyss with promotions. Our reaction to our wants is purely a function of how we feel about ourselves and probably how we think others see us. As long as it makes us happy about ourselves, fees will remain trivial a matter.

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