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Eight Reasons Why Wheat Is Making You Gain Weight


Wheat Is Making You Gain WeightIf you are making conscious efforts to get rid of excess body fat then you should make yourself aware of certain facts that can be helpful towards weight loss. A healthy and balanced diet combined with proper exercise regimen are the most significant ways to get rid of excess body fat and stay fit for life.

However, while following diets, one should refrain from the mistakes that are commonly committed especially choosing the right kinds of food. Wheat has been proven as the food that contributes towards weight gain.

It has always been believed that eating a toasted slice of whole wheat is a healthier option when compared to Snickers bar or a soft drink. However, the hard fact is that the wheat bread increases the blood sugar more than the soda and candy bars.

The reason being, the glycemic index also known as GI is higher, and it provokes the food to raise the blood sugar. If your blood sugar goes high after eating, a large amount of insulin is released. As a result, excess fat gets accumulated in the body. There are eight reasons listed below that proves that wheat is not apt for weight loss.

1. Wheat eaters tend to eat more: Have you ever analyzed that you tend to feel hungrier and go on hunting for snacks even after eating heavy grain breakfast at 7 in the morning? The surge in insulin and glucose and subsequent drops in blood sugar that is followed by consuming wheat makes you feel hungry in every 2 hours irrespective of whether your body needs the food or not. The hunger will be present all throughout the day in the form of light night munching, afternoon slumps, and cravings before lunch. You may feel like eating constantly due to consumption of carbs based out of wheat.

2. Brain becomes addictive due to over consumption of wheat: The main cause that make wheat inappropriate for weight loss is that it has addictive properties present in it. Wheat contributes towards stimulating your appetite that makes you eat more and more of wheat foods. And, when you stop consuming those foods, your body will have symptoms of withdrawal. As per researches at the National Institute of Health, the properties present in gluten have the abilities to penetrate through the brain and blood barriers. Soon after the entry into the brain, the compounds of wheat start binding in the brain’s receptors. These receptors produce a mild euphoria. Some of the examples are eating fresh hot pancakes or biscuits.

3. Switch to lean meat instead of wheat foods: By eating lean meat as well as raw vegetables instead of wheat based and processed foods, you can enjoy better sleep, your mood will be more stable, and you feel more energetic than before. It has been speculated that the interconnection can be clearly explained by the absence of sings in the blood sugar that results in energy slumps. Wheat has no significance, when it comes to gaining energy in body. By avoiding wheat and switching over to lean meat, sea food, and raw veggies, you can easily get rid of abdominal fat, and you will never ask how to lose belly fat if you learn the basics right.

4. Gluten free foods are no solution: You can get rid of wheat from your diet and enjoy large portions of healthy foods such as green beans, baked chicken, scrambled eggs. Just in case you are worried that you are not getting enough of fiber, you can increase the intake of raw nuts and the intake of fiber will naturally go up. Gluten free foods have been considered to be more harmful as they only sound healthier. The real truth is that these foods are mostly replaced with corn starch instead of wheat flour, which increases the blood sugar.

5. Wheat has high calories: The biggest reason for gaining more weight due to consumption of wheat is because of the fact that they are not low in calories. Most people are not aware of this fact and they try to consume more of whole wheat that comes in the way of weight loss. Whole wheat products can also be high in added sugar, when compared to products that are made out of refined white flour. Therefore, avoid wheat if you are really serious about losing belly fat.

6. Storage of visceral fat: Wheat contains a kind of sugar known as amylopectin that is solely responsible for accumulating visceral fat in the body that appears as deep fat surrounding organs. Also, bio engineered protein is present in the wheat called as gliadin protein. It makes one crave for more food. As a result, people gain more weight. As per many doctors, skipping wheat for a period of one month can definitely show significant results as far as your waistline is concerned.

7. Water retention and bloating are the common causes of consuming wheat: The major benefit of cutting down wheat from your diet is that it will have greater effects as far as weight loss is concerned. Wheat prevails in western foods and people tend to eat more than the body needs. By consuming too much of any products, there are high chances of food intolerance and you will not be able to cope up with the over consumption. If you continue having wheat, you will naturally become intolerant towards it and it causes water retention and bloating. The most targeted area of the body would be the abdominal area. If you really want the problem of water retention and bloating to subside then you have to strictly cut down on wheat to the maximum.

8. Wheat has high estrogen content: As per studies, processed white flour foods are often replaced with whole grain foods and as a result, there is a decrease in diseases such as diabetes, and heart diseases. Wheat contains estrogen, which can be ineffective when it comes to losing weight. Excess of estrogen caused by abdominal fat increases the risk of breast cancer for women. Therefore, it should be avoided in order to remain slim and healthy.

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