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Delectable Omega 3 Recipes that Will Make You Healthy


If you want to enjoy a diet that is rich in Omega 3, then you need recipes that will enable you to prepare delectable dishes.  Most people think that healthy diets are not delicious.  But you need to remember that foods just need to be prepared well to make them appetizing. 

There are numerous healthy benefits that you can enjoy from Omega 3.  The long chain fatty acids EPA and DHA could promote good brain function and healthy heart.  The n-3 omega fatty acid is also known to have good anti-inflammatory properties which could help you fight some common lifestyle disorders.

Good Sources of Omega 3 Fatty Acids

It is very easy to prepare meals that are rich in n-3 Omega fatty acids.  That is because there are lots of food choices available for you.  For example, the best sources of n-3 fatty acid are fatty fish.  Everyone knows that fish are versatile foods.  You can prepare fish in many ways and you mix them with other food groups.

Although fish is a good source of Omega 3, this essential fatty acid can also be found in certain plant sources.  Beans such as soybeans, kidney beans, and navy beans contain as much as 1000 milligrams of n-3 fatty acid per cup.  You can stir fry fresh beans or include them in your stew or soup.

If you are a salad lover, then you can use flaxseed oil as dressing.  Flaxseed contain very high amount of Omega 3.  A quarter cup of flaxseed for example contains as much as 7 grams of n-3 fatty acids.  And for your snacks, why not focus on walnuts which also contain good amounts of essential EPA and DHA fatty acids.

Tips When Preparing Your Omega 3 Recipe

Like most foods, you must never overcook fish, beans, and nuts in order to avoid diminishing their n-3 fatty acid content.  When cooking fish, it would be best if you can bake or steam them.  If you want to fry your fish, you should use flaxseed or vegetable oil.  Make sure to quick fry the fish over high heat.  This way, you can retain the juices of the fish and the n-3 Omega content will not dissipate.

Beans should be boiled but never allow them to disintegrate.  You can cook beans in extra virgin oil or flaxseed oil with fish as one of the main ingredients.  You will be able to get extra amounts of n-3 Omega fatty acids by combining fish, beans, and flaxseed oils.  Walnuts on the other hand should be roasted.  Gentle roasting of walnuts in 160 degree oven for 15 minutes is a good benchmark.  You need to ensure that the essential Omega 3 of walnuts will not disintegrate due to over cooking.

Preparing meals that are rich in Omega 3 fatty acid is easy.  There are lots of food choices available for you.  You can prepare these foods in any way you want to make your meals more versatile and delicious.

Omega 3 can bring many health benefits for you.  If you want to keep a healthy body, you should try to develop recipes that contain rich amount of n-3 Omega fatty acids.

When you learn how to improve your diet, you can enjoy the enormous benefits of Omega 3 (interesting to know is that in Danish the term is Omega 3 fordele) and improve your overall health.

  • Fitness Supplements

    Great article – fats are sadly misunderstood by many, hopefully this will help some people include “healthy” fats in their diet.

  • Lisa

    Omega 3 fatty acids are considered to be good fats, I definitely consider taking supplements that are rich with omega 3 fatty acids like krill oil, well omega 3 fatty acids could be beneficial for our health in several ways whether it is for your heart, liver, brain function and weight loss and as what you had mentioned it can lowers ones high cholesterol level which is definitely bad for ones health. As what I had said I consume krill oil for besides of being a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids this supplement also contains a powerful anti oxidant substance called Astaxanthin and vitamin d.

  • Tower_Deli

    Eating healthy food is indeed very rewarding.  We may not see the improvement this brings to our well–being as of now but as we age we will be able to see the difference compared to those who often eat junk food.
    I found this recipe for healthy snacks as well:

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  • Carol

    I normally bake fish but never tried steaming them. Will do that one time as I believe in a more natural source of Omega-3 and don't take supplements.

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