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Couples Should Keep Fit and Healthy Together


The word endorphins seems to be one of the buzz words within well-being lifestyles, and it’s for good reason. All of us contain natural feel good chemicals commonly known as endorphins, and when these chemicals are released it makes us feel a sense of euphoria and can greatly influence our outlook on many things.

If you and your partner worked on releasing these endorphins collectively, on a regular basis, absolutely everything in your lives will be positively impacted.

Regular exercise reduces stress hormones such as cortisol. Releasing endorphins, dopamine and serotonin through exercise on a regular basis will literally give you a natural high. The release of these natural chemicals have the ability to mask pain as well as allow people to overcome depression. You’ll perform better at work and have more energy to play with the kids. And of course, your relationship will also reap the benefits. Your sex life is also set to prosper as a result of choosing to lead a healthy lifestyle. Make a commitment with your partner today to stay fit and healthy in unison.

Most couples who remain together for a long period will commonly face several health issues related to lifestyle. 1/ Their diet suffers. 2/ They fail to integrate any form of physical fitness into their routine and will generally find some kind of justification or excuse for neglecting this extremely important life choice.

In order to experience all the wonderful benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle within a relationship, the effort must be combined and not just for one partner. Any health expert or fitness advisor will tell you that a training partner greatly assists in maintaining motivation and consistency.

Getting started is quite often the hardest part, but the good news is that the majority of your efforts should be focused in the kitchen. Think of it this way, 80% of your focus should be aimed at diet and nutrition and 20% on exercise. Cooking and experimenting with food is a great way to spend quality time with your partner, more so when there is a mutual goal being established. Make regular visits together to the local organic fruit and vegetable markets. Map out your meals at the start of each week. The food you eat is the single most defining element to weight loss or weight gain – exercise is just the icing on the cake, so to speak.

Lead by example

Complacency is where you’re likely to fail. One partner must take the lead and be mindful not to resent the other partner if it seems like a one sided affair. Developing a healthy pattern requires more than just a routine, try and mix things up a bit so your routine becomes fun and diverse. You could enjoy fitness workouts like swimming, running at the beach, hiking, bush walking, a fitness class, walking, volley ball and tennis. Exercising does not mean you should have to slog it out at the gym six days a week. Make it fun and mix things up.

Whether you’re in a committed relationship or leading a life as a single person, maintaining your health takes motivation. Motivation can be achieved simply by leaving the house, inspiration then comes easily. Instead of watching TV, go for a run, or read a healthy lifestyle magazine to maintain enthusiasm. Aside from all the wonderful benefits you’re set to gain within your relationship, you’ll also reduce the risk of stroke and diabetes, increase flexibility, reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression as well as improve your own self-confidence.

You’ll start experiencing the natural exhilaration of healthy living within the first ten days, it’s quite common for people to become addicted to this lifestyle, and this is one addiction worth having!

Matt Fuller is a contributing author for several leading dating sites in Australia and social network blogs. Matt has been an active contributor to the online dating Australia sector for more than ten years and works as a matchmaking consultant.

  • edmonton bootcamp

    Ilove this blog
    “Couples Should Keep Fit and Healthy Together”.
    I know for sure It was a happy and great day, because it's like dating while exercising.

  • Tatianna

    I totally agree.  Couples can keep each other motivated and help each other to get in shape and stay in shape.

  • Garrjen

    My husband and I support this 100%! Couples who play together, stay together! Here is another good article I found that supports the same concept!

  • Priyanka

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  • Brisbane Osteo

    Great article! I absolutely agree. In a relationship, both parties have to be on the same page with diet and exercise, otherwise it just won't work. I could never be with a man that was not leading a healthy lifestyle.

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