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Collagen Supplements and Youthful Looks


collagen-supplementsMany people are not aware of how important nutrition is to the wellbeing of their skin. Everyone dreams of retaining youthful looks even at an advanced age. Many health and beauty professionals are making huge amounts of money based on the craving to look young. Furthermore, many products have been launched promising to restore youthful looks, but most of these have no effect at all. Maintaining a healthy diet is the best way to keep your youthful look for a long period of time.

Collagen is a fibrous protein that is produced in the body to connect and support the body’s tissues. It supports all internal and external tissues including skin, hair and teeth. Collagen is found both inside and outside the body’s cells. It contributes greatly to the structure of the cell both internally and externally.

In conjunction with elastin, collagen gives support to tissues and provides them with form, firmness and strength. Proper nourishment of the body is important, so that the levels of collagen do not go down. In order to keep these levels up, you must consume dark green vegetables such as asparagus, spinach, kale and collards. Additional sources of collagen can be found in beets, tomatoes and blueberries. These foods will assist in building up your collagen levels.

Apart from incorporating these foods into your diet, you can also take collagen supplements. These supplements can be taken in the form of pills or liquids. You can take them in conjunction with other supplements to help in its assimilation into the tissues and organs of the body. For instance you can take collagen in conjunction with glucosamine or chondroitin, since collagen is found in cartilage and the other two are given to arthritis patients.

When it comes to maintaining the looks of your skin, collagen is very important for firmness and for optimal water retention, so that your skin does not become wrinkled and dried out. Develop a nutritional plan with foods rich in vitamin A, B, C and E. These will help in the production of collagen. Additionally, drink lots of water and eat foods containing sulfur such as garlic and onion.

If however you want to go for “neutraceuticals” (a term coined for foods that have therapeutic use), then you can take collagen supplements.

The time taken by collagen supplements to manifest gains in your appearance depends on various internal and external factors that will vary from person to person. All dietary supplements are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and they do not undergo stringent testing procedures. Therefore, exercise caution before you take such supplements. The best thing to do is consult your physician before you do so.

Consuming healthy foods is crucial to how long your skin remains young and supple. Many people do not realize that the only “supplements” they need to keep their skin looking young can be found in fruits and vegetables they often overlook. A simple change in your dietary regime can help keep those wrinkles away.

Haliyma Barrow holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish and a minor in journalism from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.  Barrow enjoys following the latest fashion and beauty trends, and contributing articles on skin care guide.

  • Fitness Supplements

    Good article. Keep refined foods to a minimal and ensure you consume planety of healthy fats within your diet, too. Oily fish, mixed nuts etc all great for skin and hair.

  • Moris

    Hey!! Collagen and elastin are essential in reducing lines and wrinkles, Collagen makes our cells firm, and elastin allows our cells to jump back to their original shape, by giving them elasticity.


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  • Lauri Hersh

    Keeping your youthful look is a challenge for everyone. Aside from eating the vegetables said above, drinking lots of water and exercising regularly are also good ways to slow down the effects of aging.

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