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Coffee: It’s Highs and Lows


Your daily cup of coffee doesn’t only wake you up in the morning.  Drinking a cup of plain coffee a day is actually one of the best decisions you can make for your health.  The antioxidant, caffeine rich drink has an excellent amount of nutritional benefits.  Regular coffee drinkers have been shown to have a lower risk for several diseases and health issues.

First of all, coffee is likely to prevent the development of type 2 diabetes.  Because of the antioxidants, which prevent tissue damage caused by oxygen-free radicals, the harmful disease is less likely to appear.  Minerals such as magnesium and chromium can also inhibit diabetes from developing because they help the body use insulin, therefore controlling blood sugar.

Heart disease and stroke are other conditions that coffee drinkers have a lower risk of.  It has been found to lower heart rhythm disturbances which are likely to lead to more serious heart problems.  Individuals affected with diabetes are probable to heart disease, and since coffee lowers the risk for diabetes, it also lowers the risk for heart disease.

Coffee drinkers have a lower risk for certain brain conditions like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.  The exact reason for this hasn’t been proven – but it is thought to be because of the caffeine.

Foods and drinks rich with antioxidants are automatically known to decrease cancer risks.  Decreased risk for liver cancer and other liver problems has been especially associated with regular coffee drinkers.

Yes, the health benefits linked with coffee are great.

But they aren’t all understood completely.  There are still studies that need to be done with humans and coffee so the reason for health associations can be known.  Just because coffee is nutritionally beneficial, doesn’t mean one should drink a whole pot of it a day.  Coffee contains caffeine, a substance that can interrupt blood pressure, stress levels, sleep patterns and cause a number of other health problems if it is over consumed.  There is only one way to completely avoid caffeine from coffee, and that is by drinking the decaffeinated kind.

Not everyone likes the taste of pure, black coffee.  The truth is that in order for it to be healthy, it has to be plain.  If you’re adding creamer, sugar and whipped cream to make it taste better, you are contradicting the positive effects coffee can have on your health.  Plain coffee is low in calories, but adding unhealthy substances can double, triple or even quadruple the calorie content.

A cup of coffee a day is the perfect amount.  After a while, your body may become tolerant to it and you will need more and more to wake you up.  But the truth is that it’s not healthy to rely on caffeine to keep you awake.  Your body can become addicted which creates health issues.  Instead, drink a cup of coffee for its nutritional benefits instead of for the caffeine, and rely on healthy food for energy.

Brianna Elliott is a student at the University of Wisconsin – Stout, and she LOVES coffee (as many exam-cramming college students do).  Brianna also writes numerous articles for ( – a health and nutrition site which is also a leading retailer of TymeZyme – an enzyme supplement designed to improve immune system functioning.

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  • Tatianna

    I love coffee, even knowing the health risks, I still love my java!

  • OhVanessa

    There are good and bad of it but I guess more than bad, it's good for the health. But I think pt-141 won't do you any harm.

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  • Kava Kava

    Always bear in mind that too much of anything is bad. The key to enjoying your coffee is moderation. 

  • Caffeine During Pregnancy

    I also like the coffee even i have the addiction of caffeine but when i face the miscarriage during my first pregnancy then me care full about that.

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