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Climb Off the Pounds


Losing weight is hard: the dieting, the hours at the gym and the guilty pieces of cake. The reason many people find it to be so hard to drop even just 5 pounds is the monotony that comes with dieting and exercising—treadmills just aren’t the exciting.

If you are one of theses people, maybe all you need is a new way to exercise. Why not try rock climbing? Climbing is a full body exercise that not only helps your burn those extra calories, but also gets you outside. Climbing combines a leg, arm, and core workout into one activity. In addition, climbing is group activity so you wont get lonely like you might at the gym. All in all, climbing can be a great option for many people trying to drop those excess pounds.

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However, rock climbing is a little more involved than an hour on the treadmill and requires more preparation. So before you start planning a trip, get yourself educated about the safety precautions necessary to have a safe and fun trip. Many rock climbing locales offer beginners classes. So check out some of the local climbing areas and see what the visitor centers have to offer.

Given the heights reached and the risk of a fall, rock climbing can be a scary sport to learn. It is best for beginners to learn in an indoor enviroment on a rock climbing wall. This controlled enviroment will allow you to learn the skills and techniques of rock climbing with minimal risk of a fall. You will be able to get used to being up high, rapelling, trusting the belayer, and learning how to fall properly. By learning from an instructor on a climbing wall you will be confident and ready when you attempt your first outdoor climb.

An added benefit of rock climbing is the wide variety of routes and locations available. While a treadmill offers a monotonous workout for mile after mile, rock climbing presents a new challenge to the climber each time they go out and climb. As you get better at climbing it is easy to up the difficulty of the climb so you can keep challenging yourself. Climbing might be just what you need to break out of your workout rut and get your weightloss plan back on track!

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