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How to Train Your Forearms 1


When we head to the gym, the vast majority of us go with the intention of training just a few specific muscle groups. For most people a gym workout means training their biceps, training their pecs and training their abs. These are the body parts most of us want to show off, and they are the body parts that are most associated with model-like physiques. continue reading »

More Uses for Your Dumbbells (That You Might Not Have Thought Of) 0


If you only buy one piece of home equipment for your home gym you should certainly make sure that it’s dumbbells that you opt to go for. Dumbbells are by far the most versatile and multi-functional items you can add to your equipment and some variation of almost all of the basic exercises can be performed using dumbbells (and preferably a bench too). There’s certainly no muscle group that you can’t reach with dumbbells and this makes them vital possessions for anyone with a passing interest in fitness. continue reading »

How To Construct Your Own Gym Equipment 0


If you want to get into great shape then having you own gym equipment rather than having to travel to the gym to workout is one of the very best ways to make sure that you put the time into your workouts and aren’t constantly making excuses. The reason for this is that by working out in the gym you force yourself to have to go outside – possibly in the rain or the cold – and this also means taking up more time as you have to add on the amount of time it takes to travel onto your workout time. continue reading »

There is No ‘Truth’ In Fitness 0


I spend quite a lot of my time browsing around fitness forums. Technically it’s procrastinating and I’m really under no illusions of this fact. However it’s a productive form of procrastinating because I genuinely tend to learn a lot from it and I find some interesting topics to write about too. continue reading »

Build The Body Of An Olympic Gymnast Using Your Own Bodyweight 1


Have you ever wondered how gymnasts have such fantastic bodies? Every single inch of their body is rock hard. So hard you could bounce a coin of it and it would come back and hit you in the face. You don’t achieve that level by sitting around watching TV all day. They don’t even lift weights and still they have a body everyone dreams of. Do you want one just like them? continue reading »

Is it Wrong to Have Breakfast Before Morning Exercise? 4


This question has probably been around ever since the dawn of man. Most fitness-seekers are agreed that a morning workout is great because the mind and body are fresh and unencumbered by the fatigue of a long day. However, a consensus on whether or not to eat before getting physical is yet to be reached. Some argue that eating before hitting the gym or jogging circuit gives the body the energy it needs to tackle the task ahead; enabling it to accomplish more. Those on the other side of this argument remind them that the aim of exercise is to burn fat and when the body is not given that fuel before the workout, it burns the reserves of fat it has stored to produce energy.Perhaps the best way to discover what is best for you as an individual is by asking yourself a couple of questions: continue reading »

It’s Never Too Late To Exercise Your Body And Mind 0


It’s never too late to become as fit as possible. As you get older you want to ensure you remain active to help improve your chances of being mobile in the latter stages of your life. Maybe you don’t want to lift heavy weight. You don’t have to. You also don’t have to get up every morning and go for a 5-mile run. If your looking for way to get fit without doing anything too extreme there are lots of ways. continue reading »

7 Common Mistakes Women Make While Working Out 0


Consistency is a bad thing

Walking into a gym is a pretty intimidating experience.  Everywhere you look, there are hot and sweaty people who appear to be totally enthralled in their workout.  continue reading »

5 Summer Activities to Blast Calories 7


SummerSummer is finally here. Therefore, it’s a perfect time to get outside and enjoy the weather. Take advantage of using the outdoors as your personal gym or playground. Gather your friends and and socialize over these fun activities that will blast calories at the same time. continue reading »

8 Features Of Crossfit Shoes That You Should Look Out For 1


There are very many types of shoes in the market, and most of them have their unique function. A crossfit shoe is a kind of shoe that is used in the crossfit exercise program. continue reading »

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