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4 Smart Ways To Stay In Shape As A Stay At Home Mom 0


home fitnessAs an adult, one of the most wonderful joys you can receive in life is the gift of becoming a mother. It’s what many look forward to, and it’s a natural part of life as a human being.  But as truly fulfilling an experience it is to become a mother, the reality is that motherhood takes a real toll on so many aspects of your life: from your professional life, your romantic life, your finances, and of course, your body.  continue reading »

Jogging Rejuvenation:How You Can Have Fun While You Run 0


runningAs with any type of workout, running can eventually become humdrum, making a once-invigorating activity feel like a drag. The same route, the same pace, the same time, etcetera… and pretty soon there’s nothing exhilarating left to the exercise you used to love.

But there are plenty of ways to pull ourselves out of this running rut and put the joy back into the jog. By switching things up, finding new motivation, and looking at this excellent exercise in a different way, we can breathe new life into a running regimen that’s gone stale. continue reading »

Why I am not losing weight? 1


ways to lose weightHave you been honestly following a diet for quite a long time but you cannot see any tangible results? Have you been sweating in a gym, but still not a  dream body in a mirror? What could’ve gone wrong?

Effective and healthy weight loss takes time and effort. There is a list of questions you have to ask yourself. continue reading »

Lifestyle Rather Than Simple Exercise Key To Weight Loss For Older Women 0


women sportsLifestyle Rather Than Simple Exercise Key to Weight Loss for Older Women

For women over the age of 40, effective weight loss requires the adoption of a new way of life. Here is some advice for trainers on how to best facilitate these changes.

Despite the obvious benefits from exercise in terms of health, fitness, energy and mental wellbeing, the primary reason most women over the age of 40 start a workout program with a personal instructor is weight loss. And while men of this age can drop pounds through exercise alone, this is less true for women. Therefore in order for women to see the wanted physical results from exercise, it is vital that the personal instructor coaxes them into altering their diet and lifestyle alongside the personalized routine. continue reading »

Working Out On The Road: 3 Kick Ass Workouts While Traveling 0


on the goYou know what sucks about business travel? The lifestyle. Anyone who spends a decent amount of time on the road knows that exercise and healthy eating are the first things to get ditched. But it really doesn’t have to be that way.

There are tons of ways to get healthy, nutritious food when on the road but exercise, on the other hand, can be a bit more difficult to fit in. So we’re here to help. Here are my personal three best ways to get a kick ass workout while on the road. continue reading »

Top 3 Secrets For Burning Belly Fat 0


Belly fat is, just as it sounds, a layer of accumulated fat that resides above the abdominal muscles. While no area of fat can be targeted specifically and exclusively for elimination, the following tips will help anyone to burn fat, lose weight  and have a more defined, less amorphous abdominal region. continue reading »

Hard n Fast Workouts 4


Don’t have enough time for a full workout? That isn’t a problem when you have access to great plans like these!

Shorter workouts are a must to have in your arsenal. Some days, time just runs short on your schedule, especially around the holidays. You still want to workout, especially to help fight against the winter bulge. continue reading »

Using Cycling for Effective Fitness Regimes 1


Different Cycling Styles for Different Fitness Regimes

Cycling in general is an excellent way to get fit or just stay in shape. It is excellent for both improving muscular endurance as well as being exceptional cardiovascular exercise. However, depending on what kind of fitness kick you are on you might want to consider different types of cycling options. continue reading »

Work Out DVDs: Pros and Cons 2


Exercise will always be a part of every person who is concern with his health and with his life. Some people would do whatever it takes just to incorporate exercise into their lifestyles. Some get addicted to a particular routine that they would end up doing the same exercise everyday. This may be okay for some people but there are some who are not into routines and would find it boring and monotonous. These people would end up hating exercise from then on. continue reading »

How to Maintain a Fit and Strong and Slim Physique With Lifestyle Choices 1


Staying fit and healthy is not just a matter of going to the gym a few times a week, or of choosing not to eat a second chocolate biscuit after dinner. Rather if you really want to get into shape then you need to make sure that your whole lifestyle is conducive to burning calories and keeping them off. continue reading »

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