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Hit the Dating Jackpot 0


datingFor the vast majority of single people in the world, the dating scene is a virtual nightmare. People are either unemployed, too strange to even consider seeing again, or in two separate ballparks when it comes to compatibility. However, there will be lucky individuals out there who will find themselves sitting across the table from a nurse. These people can consider themselves to have won the dating jackpot. If you have never considered the qualities that make a good nurse and compared them to the qualities that go into a good partnership, then you are about to gain an entirely new perspective. continue reading »

Yoga Can Be Used As Tool To Fight Addiction 0


savasanaAddiction is difficult, plain and simple. To recover from something that had such a hold on your life for probably years, takes work every single day, and a wide number of tools and skills need to be tried until you figure out what works best for your life in recovery from substances. continue reading »

Using An Injury To Come Back Stronger 0


cat-with-injured-eyeWhether you are a sporting professional or someone who simply likes to keep fit in their spare time you are always at risk of an injury occurring. Often it can be through nothing but pure misfortune and the extent of an injury can impact upon your whole life in so many ways. The exact recovery time is dependent on so many factors and this is why it can often be difficult for doctors, surgeons and physiotherapists to put an accurate timeframe on the situation. When the time does come for you to begin taking part in physical activity again you should treat it as the perfect chance to make improvements in the way you do things in order to give yourself the best possible protection from future problems. continue reading »

Asbestos Information In The Palm Of Your Hands 11


Exposure to asbestos in the workplace is one of the scariest prospects for workers and obtaining information about symptoms quickly can help with early diagnosis.

There are many cancer apps on the market designed to help patients recognize symptoms and guide them through the cancer treatment journey back to health, and asbestos disease/illness is covered.

The idea of using an app to guide you through serious illness might take a bit of getting used to, but the government has recently released details of its plans to allow GPs to prescribe apps to help patients manage their conditions and obtain information quickly and easily. continue reading »

Let’s All Please Help Rachel 4


Today’s post here is the call for help. Let’s all do at least something: donate or spread the word.

Here’s the forum thread which tells the whole story. I know the person who has started it, so I trust him and I want to help.

Here’s the site you can go to donate or help the family in any other way you can: continue reading »

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