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Hit the Dating Jackpot 0


datingFor the vast majority of single people in the world, the dating scene is a virtual nightmare. People are either unemployed, too strange to even consider seeing again, or in two separate ballparks when it comes to compatibility. However, there will be lucky individuals out there who will find themselves sitting across the table from a nurse. These people can consider themselves to have won the dating jackpot. If you have never considered the qualities that make a good nurse and compared them to the qualities that go into a good partnership, then you are about to gain an entirely new perspective. continue reading »

Why Karate Is The Perfect Family Activity 0


karateIt is on virtually every news station and in every magazine, newspaper, and Internet blogging site: America has an obesity problem! This probably doesn’t come as much of a shock to those of you who witness extremely heavy individuals on a regular basis. Even more disturbingly, the rate of obese children is rising at an incredible rate. If only there was an activity that could bring the whole family together. Wait! There is! It’s called karate and it not only promotes improved fitness, self-defense skill, and self-confidence, it’s a whole lot of fun and can be enjoyed by all ages. continue reading »

Exercising With A New Piercing: Staying Safe And Staying Fit 0


belly-bars-1One of the most common questions that many people ask when getting a new piercing is whether or not they can resume their normal exercise regime straightaway, or if they need to wait until their piercing has fully healed. This is a difficult question to answer, because much of it comes down to the type of piercing you’ve got and the exercise that you want to do. continue reading »

Look Your Best Now That The Holidays Are Over 0


santa fitnessThe holidays are finally behind us, but did some of that festive “cheer” stick around longer than you’d hoped? Shedding those extra pounds packed-on between Thanksgiving and New Year’s is especially difficult now that the colder winter months have hit.  One thing that most weight loss experts can agree on – losing pounds is a matter of eating less and moving more.  As part of that equation, however, it’s imperative that your body’s metabolism be at its optimum fat burning capacity in order to lose the weight and keep it off.  Often diet and exercise are just not enough.  In order to maximize your body’s potential to burn fat at an accelerated rate, adding the best fat burner supplement to your diet and exercise regime can make all the difference.  continue reading »

Sweating in Style: A Woman`s Guide to Gym Fashion 1


2013 is fast approaching and our resolutions to lose last year`s holiday weight has been forgotten. Going to the gym is not always the highlight of the day; especially when you are out of shape and out of style. It used to be that women would have to sacrifice style for comfort and pay top dollar for those unflattering, high-tech fabrics or settle for their husband`s old t-shirts and a pair of sweats. continue reading »

Fitness Holidays 0


Holidays tend to be ideal for breaking the norm. Diets don’t exist on holiday and there is usually no need to exercise either. It is difficult to argue against these points; after all, it is a holiday.

However, what if this doesn’t sound like your ideal holiday? continue reading »

The Many Benefits of Red Wine 1


There are a lot of different types of wine available today but the one that is most popular is the red wine. Red wine is made by fermenting different types of grapes, which is known to have a lot of health benefits.

As early as 3150 BC, red wine has been used to cure infectious wounds and fever. After many research, experts believed that if taken in moderation (five ounces for women and ten ounces for men), it could provide a number of health benefits like: continue reading »

If Disaster Strikes: Better Be Fit for It 0


Pandemic, volcanic cataclysm, impending starvation, there are so many things that can befall us all. About the only thing any of us can do it control what we can. We are puppets in a much larger play, don’t you know? Staying fit, eating right, making sure our families do, these are things we can control. continue reading »

How Does Body Part Insurance Work? 1


By now the world and its dog know about the seemingly bizarre world of celebrity body part insurance. Mariah Carey reportedly insured her legs for an insane £1billion. While not the most bizarre celebrity body part insurance policy, it’s certainly the most expensive. The notion of celebrity body part insurance is all slightly ridiculous amongst us mere mortals, and appears to be nothing more than a publicity stunt. continue reading »

Facebooking Your Way to Better Health 7


We all waste time on Facebook every day; what if all that status updating and profile reading could result in better health? If you’re trying to get back in shape, Facebook might be able to help you! Here are a few ways to make this social network work into your fitness plan: continue reading »

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