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Staying Safe this Spring and Summer 3


In 2009, Boston was considered to be the fourth safest city in the U.S. Since then, however, the city has been slipping in ranks – and in safety.

Lately, local reporters and police officers have been busy due to a number of house break-ins, car break-ins, and bank robberies. The headlines this week include, “Robber hits banks in 2 towns, gets away” and “Police Investigating Mom’s Disappearance as Crime.” continue reading »

World Wide Worry: Anorexia and the Internet 6


So, several news websites decided to publish articles today discussing the dangers that the Internet poses for those individuals suffering with anorexia or other eating disorders such as bulimia.  Websites in which sufferers of the disease are free to discuss and/or encourage the obsessions that the affected have with weight loss and food are known as “pro Ana” sites and are nothing new. continue reading »

Disabled Athletes At The London Marathon 9


Tower bridge and the marathonToday the London Wheelchair Marathon is one of the highest profile wheelchair races in the UK. The London Marathon began when a couple of members of the Raneleigh Harriers running club and Olympic medallists, John Disley and Chris Brasher experienced the 1979 New York Marathon and saw how exhilarating a huge city marathon could be, compelling them to found the London version. continue reading »

Decrease in Physical Education Participation in High Schools 1


physical education high schoolA student’s high school years are some of the most formative, especially when it comes to establishing lifelong physical exercise and health habits. Regular physical exercise will help adolescent students build and maintain healthy joints, muscles and bones.

Exercise can also help them control their weight, build lean muscle and reduce excess fat. Regular exercise can also contribute to the prevention of high blood pressure, and it can help reduce blood pressure in students who suffer from hypertension. Physical education classes don’t just establish a regular physical exercise routine; they also help students develop healthy social skills and the knowledge and attitudes they need to continue a lifelong physical activity routine. continue reading »

How Jukari Fit to Fly Workout Can Revolutionize the World of Fitness 6


Jukari-fitnessSpring is just around the corner and it’s time to think about new spring fashion and take on a new workout to make sure we look really good in those new clothes. If that sounds boring, you probably share the same feelings as thousands of women who participated in a survey and revealed that they would exercise more if it was more fun. This was a starting point for the Reebok and Cirque du Soleil joint initiative aimed to create a new, “smile while you’re sweating” routine. continue reading »

Treadmills + Creativity = Fun! 4


Some ad campaigns are just brilliant. Why waste thousands on mediocre advertisements if you can spend just as much money on creative approach.

Nike ad campaign promoting their treadmills is one of those campaigns that just can’t help inspiring.

They have placed interactive billboards around the world. In each billboard anyone could run a built-in treadmill. For every kilometer run, Nike promised to donate a certain amount to UNICEF. Fun, no? continue reading »

ICU Getting Better a Lot Faster 0


daily physiotherapy led to better post-discharge functionThe traditional setting of an ICU ward, with the velvet hush of time suspended, and eerie green lights and snaking tubes and wires inside every dimly-lit cubicle, may soon be but a memory. The ever-present slurp, exhale of the life-giving ventilators may soon give way to more of the clack, slide, of walkers and the quiet, gentle murmurings of physical therapists. According to, referring to an article in HealthDay News that originally appeared in The Lancet Online, studies about the benefits of exercise critical care patients are being done to give more hope to the loved ones and medical care givers of critically ill patients in ICU. continue reading »

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