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  • on 20.05.2011
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Can’t Quite Quench that Thirst?


Water, the most common substance on our beautifully-blue planet, has been with us for as long as we can remember. Why do we crave our opaque friend so much? Water has numerous positive effects other than just hydrating us. After all, we are almost three-fourths water and our brain, the most vital organ after the heart, is composed of water by 90%.

First, water can help prevent headaches and migraines. Common causes of headaches and migraines is due to someone drinking beverages with low-water content, such as soda, and that leads to dehydration. So it’s better to just pick up a glass of clean, pure water to hydrate up rather than a soda, which won’t do anything for you.

Thinking and brain usage. Lack of hydration can not only cause a headache, it can be the sole reason you fail a test. Water has such a profound effect on the mind, especially when you are thirsty, that it can severely debilitate your thinking and your ability to do well at school or on the job.

Also, there is an effect on looks when it comes to water. Ever wake up with dry lips, dry eyes, and dry skin in general? That’s because during sleep your water supplies were, or have gotten low. If you are good about drinking lots of water before sleep and after you wake up, you will look more vibrant and lively and ready to tackle the day ahead of you.

Furthermore, water can help with you when it comes to digestion. Without water, we’d be constipated and ill most the time; if not dead. Why do you think diarrhea dehydrates you so much? It flushes all the water out of your body! If you are good about drinking that H2O and getting your daily intake of fiber, you’ll never have to fear taking those trips to the restroom!

What about body compensation? Like I said earlier, water composes nearly 75% of the human body on average. This means your body is constantly searching for new water sources to appease itself. Without it our bones would degrade, our minds would shrink and shrivel, our skin would dry and crack and our eyes wouldn’t be able to properly hydrate. Sounds like a living hell on earth if you ask me!

Last, with a better metabolism, comes more weight loss. Water helps with your body’s natural ability to expel wasteful products (it is likely the most affordable organ detoxifier). This means less junk in you which means less weight on you! So yes, drinking water can help you to shed those extra pounds. Not to mention you won’t be putting on any extra pounds if you substituted soda with water.

So, as we can see, from brain to metabolism, water has many uses and purposes. Although there are many more subsidiary effects of water that are positive that could be covered. Without it our civilizations would collapse, life wouldn’t even exist! So be sure to set down that Coke, and pick up a nice, refreshing glass of that thirst-quenching beverage known as water.

Tim Frisch is a regular contributor at and  His body is his temple, so he drinks water by the gallon to stay in top shape.  Tim also attends the University of Wisconsin – Stout in Menomonie, WI.

cc licensed flickr photo shared by Kyle May

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