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Calorie Counting Diet and My Fitness Pal Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker


So you have tried every possible means to help you lose weight but none seems to work. What most dieters don’t know is that it all boils down to the calories that you take everyday.

So what is calorie? Calorie is found in all the food that we eat from the coffee that we drink in the morning, to the apple that we eat for snack, or the cake that we have for dessert. The total calorie that you consume per day will depend on the protein, fat, sugar and carbohydrates content of the food that you eat. To lose weight or to maintain your ideal body weight, one should monitor his or her daily calorie intake and that is where Calorie Counting Diet enters.

Why is calorie counting an effective way to lose weight?

  1. Calorie counting lets someone on a diet eat any food that he or she wants. There are no restrictions. One can even eat a chocolate cake or caramel macchiato and all other food that has high sugar and fat content as long as it is still within the daily calorie limit.
  2. It is a healthy way to lose weight as you will not deprive yourself from eating or be subjected to diet pills or heavy workout.
  3. This method of dieting will even help an individual become more aware of the food that they eat so they can make healthier choices and will give a bigger chance of being able to maintain and sustain this diet.

So how does calorie counting work?

To start with Calorie Counting, an individual must know first the ideal calorie intake goal that he or she has to maintain daily to lose weight. He must then record the food that he takes everyday along with the calorie content per food. To lose weight, the dieter must not be over his daily calorie intake goal.

Some might think that this can be a tedious task, as you have to record every food that you eat and research on its calorie content.  Thankfully, we live in a very high tech world now that there are a lot of tools available to help one go on a Calorie Counting Diet.

One of those tools is the My Fitness Pal Calorie Counter application. This is a free application that you can download and install on your android phone and iPhone. Once installed, one must configure their profile by entering their birthday, weight and weight lose goal and it will calculate the required daily calorie goal that one must maintain to lose weight.

It has a database of over 1 million food, so a dieter can just enter his or her food intake per meal and My Fitness Pal will give the total calorie that food contains. It also allows one to enter the different exercise done to burn fat for a more accurate computation of calorie intake.

To lose weight, the formula is just simple – count your calories and exercise regularly. Calorie Counting Diet indeed offers an individual the opportunity for a healthy diet plan that one can easily maintain.

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