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Build The Body Of An Olympic Gymnast Using Your Own Bodyweight


Have you ever wondered how gymnasts have such fantastic bodies? Every single inch of their body is rock hard. So hard you could bounce a coin of it and it would come back and hit you in the face. You don’t achieve that level by sitting around watching TV all day. They don’t even lift weights and still they have a body everyone dreams of. Do you want one just like them?

Now you’re probably thinking the first place you should go is a gymnastic class. You shouldn’t. You don’t even need to leave your home. In classes they learn a lot of special skills and techniques. Stuff you don’t need to know. All you need to do is the same exercises as them. If you do you will achieve the same body as them, and you can do it in your living room.

Grab yourself some rings

You’ve seen gymnastic rings. You can get some for home. All you need is somewhere to hang them from. If you don’t have any beams in your basement you can just put a chin-up bar in between a door frame and hang them from there. You can do plenty of tricks on rings. Obviously you won’t be able to perform all the crazy flips that gymnasts do, but you can do dips.

No doubt you already know how to do dips. Maybe you’ve done them in the gym, or just seen someone else do them. Doing them on gymnastic rings is the exact same, only much better. The rings are going to be completely unstable. This makes it much harder, which means better results. It’s going to be tough to begin with because you’ll use muscles you’ve never stressed before.

Hang from a bar

Have you ever done chin-ups at the gym? You will need a chin-up bar, but like I mentioned earlier you can put it in between a door frame. Chin ups are easy. It’s not really a gymnastic move. You’re going to do something much more impressive. Think of it as a party trick. Something you can do in front of all your friends and make them jealous. Especially of your new body.

It’s called a front lever. You will hang from the bar, only your feet aren’t hanging towards the ground. They are flat out perfectly horizontal. The thought of that might sound impossible. It’s not, and if you want a gymnastic body without going to the gym it’s vital. When you lift your legs into the air you can start with your legs much higher. As you progress, lower your legs each time until they’re at a 90-degree angle.

How good is your balance?

Gymnasts have nice big legs. How can that be? Everything they do is geared towards the upper body. Their legs don’t even touch the ground most of the time, unless you count landing. There must be something they do to train their legs without going to a gym. And they do. They squat. But they don’t squat like normal people. They only use their own bodyweight, but that’s not all.

They do it on one leg. It’s a move that most people refer to as the pistol squat. It’s not to build a great level of balance, which by the way it also does. Think about it for a minute. When they squat on one leg they are basically doubling the amount of weight. A pistol squat isn’t easy. If you need help you can always do it beside a door and help yourself up with your hands. Once you can do 3 sets of 10 you will have a great pair of legs.

Allen Herbert is a freelance writer and blogger and he loves to keep himself fit. He recently read a PAGG Stack review and found it to be very useful. Right supplement, ample food and nutrition is as important as doing the exercises if you take your fitness seriously.

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