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Benefits of Exercise for Your Skin


You probably already know how wonderful exercise is for your body. We are inundated with information on how keeping active can improve our health as well as our shape. However, there is another benefit of exercise that doesn’t get as much attention: better skin.

That’s right. The solution to your skin problems could lie in something as simple as a few walks around the block or trips to the gym.

Better Circulation Means a Better Complexion

Moving your body causes increased blood flow and this can have a profound effect on your skin. The improvement in circulation that comes along with exercise helps nutrients travel through your blood and reach your skin. It also makes it easier for free radicals and other unpleasantries to be carried away. This extra bit of nourishment can make the difference between clogged, polluted skin and clear, luminous skin.

The benefits of exercise on skin don’t stop there. As you may know, exercise is a great way to reduce stress.  Because stress is also linked to acne, it’s accurate to conclude that regular exercise can help keep stress-related acne at bay. This can also help keep eczema flare-ups to a minimum.

Any type of cardiovascular exercise can help your skin. Going for a walk, running, cycling, or aerobics classes are all great ways to get your blood flowing. While weight training is an important part of being fit as well, it’s cardiovascular exercise that can put you on the road toward flawless skin. As an added benefit, working out tends to make you thirsty, and drinking extra water compounds the benefits to your skin.

Is Exercise Ever Bad For Your Skin?

It’s not all rainbows and butterflies when it comes to working out to improve skin health. There are a few things to keep in mind if you want to reap the benefits of exercise for your skin without doing more harm than good. If you prefer to exercise outdoors, it’s vital that you wear a generous layer of sweat-proof sunscreen. Unprotected exposure to the sun is so harmful for your skin that it will undo any of the complexion-related benefits that exercise can offer. Choose oil-free sunscreen if your skin is acne-prone or work out in the early morning or evening to avoid the most harmful rays.

Another thing to watch out for is body acne. If you are prone to breakouts on your chest or back, choose workout clothes that are made of cotton so that your skin can breathe. You should also change in to clean, dry clothes as soon as your workout has ended so sweat doesn’t sit on your skin. Be sure to exfoliate your arms, chest, and back regularly so that acne-causing bacteria won’t have a good place to breed.

In case you didn’t already have enough motivation to exercise, now you can add good-looking skin to the list. It isn’t necessary to become a gym rat if you want to get great skin. Simply walking or swimming for a half hour a few times a week can be enough to boost your circulation and help your complexion.

Cindi Lewis writes for, a natural skincare and beauty products online retailer.

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  • Angela Lealaogata

    I love this  my blog is about beauty, skincare, and fitness I always felt like your skin gets better when you excercise but I can see why.  The extra blood flow makes total sense and everything else.

  • Best Home Gym Reviewer

    I think the skin is just one of many big benefits of exercise. I believe whether it is in a professional gym, your own gym at home or out running, you will ALLWAYS feel better afterwards.

  • Matt Long

    Great info! Having great skin is one of the benefits of exercise. Exercise, healthy diet and hygiene are great factors for clear skin.

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    These are the following benefits that we could gain from doing various exercises. It is truly very important for our body system to do various exercises. 

  • Monticello Hospice

    Some exercises are not just for maintaining our body fit bit some are good for our skin also. This blog shares some benefits that we could from doing exercises.

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  • Mikka

    Through this blog, it help us to understand how our skin benefited from doing exercises.

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