Article written

  • on 21.10.2009
  • at 06:15 PM
  • by Jessy Troy

Benefits of Eating Raw Food


Raw food is gaining popularity these days and for some very good reasons too. Raw food is good for our bodies.

So what is considered raw food? Well it is a vegetarian food which is not baked, cooked or heated over about 120 Fahrenheit or 48 Celsius.

Four main groups raw food is categorized with are:

  • vegetables and fruits,
  • sprouts of all kinds,
  • dehydrated breads and fruits,
  • and fermented food with friendly germs.

So why eat raw food?

#1 You can eat as much as you want:
If you follow a raw food diet you can eat almost as much as you can and still have a decent weight. Raw foods are easier to digest.

#2 A clear skin:
Want clear skin, raw vegetables are an excellent and natural resource that.Vegetables are rich in vitamins. Carrots, tomatoes and cucumbers are the ones you should eat if your aim is to have a beautiful skin.

#3 Saturated fats:
Saturated fats are the demons in your battle against weight loss. This is one of the most important benefits of a raw food diet it contains very little saturated fats.

#4 Energy:
An excellent benefit of raw food is that it doesn’t contain only vitamins but also lots of energy. You will be more fit have more energy hence you will have a better quality of living.

There are lots of tasty receipts with only raw food: Think on all the salads you can make!

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