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Banish Hunger from Your Diet with Volumetrics and Protein


Dieting is a discipline, no doubt, but some strategies can keep the losing weight from becoming too difficult. Hunger pains are never fun, and it’s hard to argue with the body when it is aching for food. To keep this natural bodily reaction at bay, high-water content, high-protein and high-fiber foods can help you avoid hunger without the guilt of betraying dietary restrictions.


Doctors and dieticians to refer to foods that are low in calories yet satisfying to the appetite use the phrase “high volume.” Foods high in fiber, such as fruits and vegetables, are nutrient-rich and helpful with digestion. Luckily for dieters, they are also “high volume”. Volumetric diets capitalize on this nutritional fact, allowing dieters to eat often, and without too much restraint, as long as they consume high volume foods.

The science of volumetrics is simple. High volume foods contain more air, water and fiber than other foods. These nutrients, despite being void of calories, still cause the stomach to stretch with fullness and then empty slowly as it would with a higher calorie, lower volume meal. This leads to a satisfied appetite. Eating foods that have this effect before meals helps control the appetite, and therefore, caloric intake.

High Volume Foods

High air volume foods include light and airy snacks such as popcorn, puffed wheat or puffed rice. Soup, watermelon and tomatoes are good examples of high water volume foods. Some foods fit in several categories, such as oatmeal. When cooked, this grain absorbs a great deal of water, and it is high in fiber. While many high volume foods have the added benefit of containing high fiber, those that do not can still be beneficial. Yogurt is an excellent example of a high-volume, low-fiber food.


In addition to the volumetric approach, many dieticians reap the benefits of lean proteins in controlling appetite. Proteins contribute to a feeling of “fullness” in ways that other nutrients cannot. Diets that incorporate a significant amount of lean protein are easier to stick to, simply because dieters feel fuller when there is a significant amount of protein in the food they eat, even if that food is low in calories. One study in particular shows that high protein breakfasts offer the most benefit to women.

Researchers from the Pennington Biomedical Research Centers presented findings from one of their studies on women at the 2007 Experimental Biology meeting. In the study, some dieters received a bagel, while others had two eggs for their morning meals. Both meals were equal in volume and calories, but the eggs had a significant advantage in protein. Through the course of the study, researchers such as Nikhil V. Dhurandhar, PhD, found that the women who ate two eggs for breakfast rather than a bagel lost 65% more weight than their counterparts, and reduced their size 85% more. Simply put, starting the day with a meal rich in lean proteins controls hunger and reduces the need for more calories throughout the day. Here are some high-protein foods that will benefit a low-calorie diet:

  • Soybeans
  • Eggs
  • Grilled chicken
  • Fish

With a combination of mindful eating, volumetric methods and lean-protein meals to curb hunger, dieting doesn’t need to be dreadful. Say goodbye to hunger and hello to your new healthier diet.

Jessica Bosari writes about health and fitness for The site seeks to uncover important nutrition research and help readers fit the findings into their diets, whether they follow a low-fat diet, 17 day diet plan or even a vegetarian diet.

  • Anthony

    Higher protien in my diet has definitley curbed my hunger.

  • Ryan

    Well, I need a healthy diet guideline. I find many people who doing diet but not a healthy diet that finally obtained. How to repel hungry when dieting? In my experience, I feel very hungry when I first go on a diet. Usually hunger arises when during the day. How do I fix this?
    Is it true that eggs and roast chicken can help?
    I think roast chicken in fat, but it helps repel hungry when diet.
    Do you have a schedule that food consumption when dieting? Please share with me… Thanks…

  • Physiotherapy in Northwich

    In the study, some dieters get a bagel, while others had two eggs for their morning meals. Both commons were according in aggregate and calories but the eggs had a cogent advantage in protein.

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  • Terry

    Include lots of papaya, mango and grapes in your breakfast. You can have the juices of these fruits as well. Moreover sandwiches should also be taken in everyday mealtime. These all contains high protein.

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