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  • on 10.08.2011
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Athletes Who Sleep Better Perform Better


Studies have shown that sleep, or lack thereof, has profound effects not only on an individual’s physiology but may also on one’s psyche, cognition. In short, whenever you lose a proper trip to slumber-land, not only do you feel lethargic but you also experience irritability, difficulty in concentrating, fatigue and a host of other signs and symptoms associated with the condition. Getting a good night’s sleep is essential for your athletic performance.

Sleep Matters

Sleep has been placed low on everybody’s priority list as “less important” as the demands of work, social obligations, and other activities that take the forefront of everybody’s to-do list. It has become an underrated necessity, with most people unaware of what they’re losing when they have chronic sleep deprivation.

Sleep Research

Research, though, supports the importance of sleep through experiments and studies done on people and athletes; proving that it is a physiologic function that is not as dispensable as we first thought. A study done in Stanford University assessed the effects of better sleep among athletes where they initially asked the athletes to sleep according to their routine to establish a baseline, and then it was followed by the researchers asking the athletes to sleep for as long as they want. The goal of the study was to maximize their sleeping hours to 10 hours in a 24-hour period.

More Sleep = Better Athletic Performance

The results? Runners were able to sprint 1 sec better, basketball players manifested improved shooting skills by around 9% and all participants in the study reported better mood, a boost in reaction time, and less fatigue compared to their counterparts who slept through their usual routine.

In a nutshell, those who had extended sleeping hours played better on the field! Sleeping is a great way of boosting all aspects of your person without you sweating out in a gym, studying on unfamiliar recommended techniques, or taking up lessons on self- improvement. It promises to be a therapy that is accessible, efficient, and perfectly doable with the least complaint; it makes you a better athlete, worker or student!

Greater Risk for Some Age Groups

Indeed, sleep deprivation has become a chronic problem for all types of people, particularly for those in middle adulthood as working takes priority over sleeping well every night. However, skipping on those Zs may be more damaging to your body, mind and work if sleep deprivation continues.

Aside from the study conducted by Stanford University, other institutions have all performed similar tests with consistent results. So, if you want more energy and greater athletic performance, the most effective and easiest solution proven is to fluff up that pillow, draw the curtains, and rest that body. offers information on the latest nutrition and fitness research to help people fit proven strategies into their exercise and diet plans.

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    Interesting article. I wasn't aware of that. Good stuff! I one to work a lot myself and not sleep often

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