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At Home Snoring Remedies


Snoring is said to affect over 90 million people worldwide, generally causing day-time sleepiness, a lack of concentration, moodiness, and an overall sense of being tired all of the time (both for the snorer and the snorer’s bed parner). Snoring can be the result of all sorts of things and can change throughout the night. Some people snore more often and more loudly when sleeping on their side or back. It’s important to take note of these changes as chronic loud snoring may be a sign of a sleeping disorder such as sleep apnea.

Snorers have all sorts of options when it comes to at home snoring remedies. The purpose of all of these treatment methods is to expand the airway, expanding it and avoiding any sort of blockage. “Snoring is caused when the soft palate tissues in the mouth collapse which then causes vibrations within the throat due to a constricted airway; therefore, proper treatment must keep the airway open,” explain Omaha cosmetic dentist, Dr. Roger Roubal.

Tennis Balls!?

A simple behavior change, such as sleeping in a different position, may solve a snoring problem. Those known to be back sleepers are prone to a more restricted airway because the weight of the tissues in the neck can collapse the airway. Propping the upper body with pillows may also help. Another way to induce a behavioral change in back-sleepers is to enlist the help of a tennis ball. Simply place a tennis ball in the pocket from an old t-shirt and sew it to the middle of the back of a snug-fitting pajama top. When you flop on your back, the tennis ball will remind you to roll back over to your side, a position that typically reduces snoring.

Nasal Breathing Strips

Aside from behavior changes, some find more results when using over-the-counter products. A very common go-to method is the use of Breathe Right® strips. These strips reduce night-time nasal congestion, a problem known to cause snoring. “Breathe Right strips are a good at-home, first order of treatment for a snoring problem. They’re not too expensive, and they really work for a ‘simple’ snorer whose snoring is caused by nasal congestion,” says Corpus Christi sleep dentist, Dr. Don Lowrance.

Snoring Treatment May Go Beyond the Home

While at home methods may prove to be useful for some chronic snorers, for others they will only prove to be another waypoint on the path to finding snoring treatment that really works in order to end nightly snoring. When at home methods don’t work, it is ideal to consult a doctor or dentist who has experience in treating snoring. In many cases, when other snoring treatment methods fail, the lack of an effective treatment is generally due to the fact that snoring is just a symptom of a more serious condition needing to be treated: sleep apnea, a sleep disorder that can be fatal if left untreated.

As Los Angeles sleep dentist, Dr. Mark Weiser, explains, “Many times snoring is mistakenly viewed as the condition that needs treating rather than what it really is: a symptom, but those patients who suffer from undiagnosed sleep apnea often snore on a nightly basis. In this case the true cause of the snoring needs to be treated not just the snoring problem itself.”

Of course there is no real way to say this is true for all patients without proper examination. Diagnosis of sleep apnea usually requires a sleep study which measures and monitors the patient’s breathing activity while sleeping. “Sleep studies with the help of a sleep physician are the only real way to diagnose sleep apnea. There is no way to diagnose a patient with the disorder by simply looking at them,” said Fresno sleep apnea dentist, Dr. Donna Blair.

Patients who are diagnosed with sleep apnea are usually fitted with a CPAP machine in order to ensure proper breathing while sleeping. “The CPAP machine is the gold-standard technique to treating sleep apnea as it continuously provides a stream of air to the patient’s airway. However there are cases when the CPAP machine is not the best option. Some patients just need to treat a serious snoring problem and don’t actually have sleep apnea. Other patients may have sleep apnea, but it’s only a moderate case and the patient doesn’t want to put up with a CPAP mask. In these cases, there are other possibilities such as oral appliance therapy,” explained Dr. Lowrance. You can see a list of available anti-snoring mouthpieces here.

Jonathan Fashbaugh is a Fort Collins marketing consultant who specializes in Internet marketing for dentists. His firm has a focus on dentists who offer sleep apnea treatment in addition to other dental services. His company is called Concerto Internet Marketing LLC.

  • Herbal Remedies

    Wow Nice Blog!!
    Snoring is not good at all, it can give birth to many diseases like sleep apnea. But we can use different home remedies methods to get rid of this habit.

  • jammy

    First, this item helps you breath through your nose as breathing through your mouth is the common reason why people snore. The other reason is that this snoring strap can help you create a habit or correct a bad habit, which is breathing through your mouth. So the idea is, you don't need to use this device forever. Until you are trained not to snore, then
    you can stop using this device.

  • Snoring Treatments

    Great article. If I may I have some tips that worked for people I know to help stop their snoring: 
    1. Lose weight. If you are over-weight, the best thing you can do for your overall health is shed some pounds.

    2. Stay away from alcohol and sleep aids because they cause your tongue and throat muscles to overly relax.

    3. Avoid dairy foods before going to sleep, these foods are known to cause additional mucus build up in the nose and throat area.

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    Helpful post you have here. There are lots of remedies out there but why not start with the simple ones and see if that will be okay with you.

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    you for this completely view!! I most certainly enjoying every tiny bit of
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