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  • on 29.04.2010
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Are People More Prone To Exercise During The Summer?


summer exerciseIn short my answer is yes but what are the reasons for this and is there any proof to actually back up this claim?


Well one of the main reasons people take up exercise during the summer months is because it isn’t constantly raining and cold and funnily enough the combination of the last two help to put exercising at the back of everyone’s minds in the winter.

A lot of people cannot afford to go out to the gym all of the time which makes it tough to exercise by running in the winter unless you are seriously dedicated. The summer brings sunshine and this means that people want to go out for that jog in the mornings.


The summer also brings us more light hours of the day which is fantastic and it once again encourages people to go out and take part in physical activity. The great thing about this is that the light is still around at around 7-8 in the evening which means you get the light and the cooler temperatures and in case you didn’t realise this means perfect running conditions!


Many people want to drop a size or two when it comes to the summer because they are hoping to get away on their summer break and wear bikinis and other revealing garments of clothing. Confidence really is key when it comes to wearing things like this and losing a bit of weight before you go away on vacation can be key to feeling comfortable around the pool.


It would seem that people do worry about these events towards the end of the summer and they start to exercise way before the event itself so they can stuff themselves (excuse the pun) when November and December finally arrives.

Water Is Open

During the cold winter months it is safe to say that you will not often come across people swimming in outside pools and in lazing around the beaches with a follow up swim. The summer opens up both of these options to the public and there is not really a better way to cool down than a leisurely swim in the sea. The more of this you do the more likely you are to lose weight because swimming is one of the best things you can do for weight loss. So there is the proof, more people seem not only exercise but enjoy exercise during the summer.

Ryan is a keen internet marketer who represents a company that specialise in SEO. He knows how important it is to keep fit, especially when it is more accessible to do so.

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  • Sports Medicine

    I think you're right about the light in the summer. When you get home from work in the winter its dark out. Who wants to go work out in the dark?

    Bruce Walseth

  • Vindi

    truly said. it is easier to follow a routine whch is not possible during the rainy season

  • Vindi

    truly said. it is easier to follow a routine whch is not possible during the rainy season

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