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An Apple a Day Keeps the Beast at Bay


Go into the break room of any office or workplace, and you will surely find every manner of chips, cookies, cakes, coffee, and soft drinks. Westerners love food, and we love fatty, unhealthy junk foods more than any other, it seems. It appears that English-speaking peoples have developed some decidedly unhealthy eating habits, exchanging wholesome, fresh food for synthetic, over-processed pseudo-food. Some people tend to snack at work, when they are sitting at a desk performing a monotonous task, while others habitually “munch” while they are at home. People who are trying to quit smoking have a tendency to snack in order to cope with their desire for a cigarette.

JoEllen Marks, of, andCurvyGirlFitness.comdiscussed yesterday on her vlog about sticking to the inside perimeter of the grocery store, where the natural, unprocessed foods are. Today, she discusses using those fresh, nutrient-enriched foods as means of smart snacking, thereby maintaining a sensible diet regimen.

FitnessJo, as JoEllen calls herself on her vlog, advocates healthy snacking as a way to maintain good health and weight. Eating small, nutritious snacks throughout the day is proven to curb hunger, preventing filling up on “junk” foods. JoEllen points out everyone gets hungry throughout the day. Being hungry makes one more likely to make hasty, poor decisions about what to eat. She gives an example of someone sitting in an early-morning meeting hungry and with a plate of doughnuts right in front of them. Being hungry with no alternative snack foods around would make someone less likely to be able to resist the temptation to eat the fatty, greasy food.

JoEllen advises keeping healthy snacks everywhere to alleviate temptation. She suggests good snacks for snacking while in the car, such as almonds, cranberries and apples. Boiled eggs can be kept in a cooler in the car providing a filling, energizing snack. Keeping the refrigerator full of healthy fruits and vegetables allows for plenty of choices and variety, preventing boredom and munching out of habit. Traditional knowledge cautions care with fruit high in sugar, less than ideal snacks, but better than the over-processed synthetic snacks made with refined that can be bought from the inner isles at the grocery store.

The old standards like celery and carrots can be dipped in low-fat dips, along with broccoli and cauliflower. The key is to use low-fat instead of fat-free, because without fat there is no flavor. Sugar is usually used to replace the flavor but has more calories than fat, which entirely defeats the original purpose altogether. JoEllen suggests other alternatives to fatty snacks such as sugar snap peas and low-fat cheese. Grapes and carrots are good sweet and crunchy snacks, and are not high in natural sugar.

JoEllen promotes an active, healthy lifestyle combined with smart, careful eating habits. According to her five-meal-a-day plan, interspersing the five daily meals with light, nutritious snacks will keep the hunger beast at bay. Following her recommended advice for snacking and food choices will allow you to eat and be satisfied while still following your diet regimen.

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  • Sako Yakinian

    Apple a day keeps you away from several of diseases away and it has other several of benefits too. Like has benefits of skin and acne cure, reduce weight and you can use apple diet tea which is good for reducing belly.

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    Hi Jessy,
    Agree with you and we must add apples in our daily meal plans to lead healthy lifestyle. Apples are great to lose body weight and reduce the risk of cancer, parkinson, gallstones, asthma, Alzheimer and tooth decay. Apples makes heart healthier and 
    stabilize cholesterol and blood pressure.

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