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Amp Up Your Exercise!


Amp Up Your Exercise!

So you’re a gym rat, but you aren’t quite seeing the results that you wanted to, or maybe expected to? You’re running, you’re lifting, you’re doing yoga – but maybe you aren’t prepping your body the way that you should be in order to really reap the benefits, and feel the impact.

Interval Train

So, you’re running at the gym, whether it’s treadmill, track or elliptical. But how are you running? Are you just running slow and steady or are you exploding and then resting, over and over? It really is evident that interval training is much better for your fitness – and much more effective. On average, if you spend 15 to 20 minutes interval training, you’ll burn the same amount of calories that you would burn running steadily for an hour on the treadmill. Plus – interval training will stay with your body (and your metabolism) longer than running at a steady pace.

Don’t Forget About Your Core

If you’re sitting at a desk all day, slouching in front of your computer, you’ve probably not only got flabby abs, but a weak core (and no, your “core” is not just your abs, but an entire system of muscles). And so many of us when we exercise, no matter what we are doing forget to engage our core muscles.

It’s amazing if you actually keep your core engaged when you’re working out how much more…well, difficult…it makes the exercise. But the burn is so much more rewarding! Engaging your core muscles is not just for sit-ups or crunches.

Do Push Ups

It’s amazing what one little exercise can do. Push ups are probably one of the greatest exercises that you can do to engage and move your entire body – but, of course, only if you keep proper form – no hip sagging or arching your back – everything in a straight line!

Drink Chocolate Milk

Yes, really – though wait to imbibe this sweet drink until after your workout is complete. Chocolate milk has basically everything that your body needs after a workout – fat, carbs and protein (plus a little sugar) will help you build muscle, recover and not get too sore.

Don’t Stretch!

Yes, you heard me right – don’t stretch! Stretching done just before an activity can actually reduce your power output and increase your risk for injury. You are still going to want to warm your body up, though – so instead of stretching you’re going to want to do some simple body weight movements that will get your muscles warmed up without overtaxing yourself before you even get started.

Jackie Ryan is a freelance writer who does her best to hit that gym flooring and train with proper form, but knows that exercise isn’t always that easy for some. It’s all about finding the exercise that works the best for you – whatever that may mean.

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