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This blog lists fun, actionable tips to keep fit and enjoy yourself. I  believe that healthy lifestyle should be enjoyable, so let’s try to make it fun!

Do you have tips on how to keep fit and enjoy yourself at the same time, please send them to (remove ALL underscores).

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  • Bobby

    Hello!! My name is Bobby from Indonesia. I already start blogging about fitness at from last year ago.
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  • plonw

    Stars of TNT’s “Private Lives of Nashville Wives” (Twin Sisters) on How to Hoola Hoop to get they’re Summer Body Ready!

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    Being twins, Betty and Ana have their own special dynamic – often clashing, making sure there’s never a dull moment. One of their more eclectic interests manifests itself in hula-hooping. Ana even makes her own hula hoops!

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    You can check out the sisters teaching how to make a hula hoop and demonstrating their skills in the video at called “How-To – Hula Hoop.”

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