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A Healthy You Through Technology


The way healthcare professionals and consumers are getting their health information is changing.

Monique Levy, an expert in the healthcare industry predicts that by 2012, “All physicians will be walking around with a stethoscope and a smart mobile device, and there will be very few professional activities that physicians won’t be doing with their handhelds.”

The New York Times recently reported that there have been more than 17,000 medical-related health applications or “apps” created for smartphones.

While the a number of these are apps are geared specifically toward medical professionals, many of them are targeted to consumers who want help with everything from monitoring blood sugar levels, to counting calories.

Here is a look at 5 medical health apps available:


It’s estimated that 8.3 percent of Americans suffer from some form of diabetes.

dLife Diabetes Companion, is a diabetes app founded by Howard Steinberg to offer information, tools, emotional support and inspiration to people with diabetes and those that care for them.

dLife Diabetes Companion allows users to track blood glucose levels, find diabetes friendly recipes, watch videos from and get expert answers to diabetes questions. The app is currently available for 99 cents on the iTunes store and for the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Skimble Work out Trainer

Staying motivated to work out can be a hard task, especially when you go it alone.

Skimble Work Out Trainer is an app that provides personal training and fitness support.

“We offer something for everyone,” said Maria Ly, co-founder of Skimble Inc. “Whether you need a virtual personal trainer to tell you what to do, or want a tool to keep track of where and how fast you’ve been jogging, Skimble is here to help you achieve your fitness goals.”

Skimble’s virtual fitness trainers guide you through exercises with step-by-step audio instructions. You can choose to target specific areas like the arms, abs or butt.

Downloading the app is free, but to get guided instruction, you’ll have to pay between 99 cents per workout, up to $9.99 for a 1 year subscription.

iHealth BPM

Monitoring your blood pressure just got easier with the iHealth Blood Pressure Monitoring System. It lets users measure and track their blood pressure and heart rate from their iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. There is a docking station with blood pressure arm cuff and doubles as a charging station for all your devices. The device can graph and track vitals and then can automatically email data to your doctor or family and friends. It also has a feature that allows for multiple users if you want to monitor your family.

The costs is $99.95 and the app is free to download from iTunes.

Lose It!

Lose It! is a free weight loss app that lets you set your daily calorie goals and then record your food intake, and your expended calories through various exercises.

The app includes a large database of foods and activities to choose from and will let you know what your balance is throughout the day.

Lose It! lets you set your current weight and your goal weight and monitors your progress, all of which can be downloaded into an excel spreadsheet.

According to Lose It!, the average users has lost more than 12 pounds.

The app is available for iPhone, iPad, iPod or through their website.


Whether you want to know what’s ailing you, or where you can get treatment, iTriage can most likely tell you. The app was created by two emergency room physicians to specifically answer those two questions.

“iTriage has been downloaded 2 million times and has a 60 percent retention rate,” said Marcia Noyes, Director of Public Relations for iTriage.

The app provides information on thousands of symptoms, diseases, medical procedures and medications and combines that information with a nationwide directory of every hospital, urgent care, retail clinic, physician and pharmacy.

iTriage can help you find the nearest doctor and give you turn by turn directions from GPS, address or zip code. It also features emergency room wait times for registered hospitals.

The app is available on the apple and android platforms for free.

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