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8 Features Of Crossfit Shoes That You Should Look Out For


There are very many types of shoes in the market, and most of them have their unique function. A crossfit shoe is a kind of shoe that is used in the crossfit exercise program.

A good crossfit shoe is essential in the workout process. This shoe can either improve the way you work out and the results that you realize or make the process of exercising difficult and unfruitful.

Several features are necessary for a good workout shoe. These features are:

Sticky rubber sole

Having a crossfit shoe with a sticky rubber sole is important because it increases the stability of the shoe. This means that the shoe cannot easily slip when being used in the process of exercising. This therefore means that the wearer can be able to conduct exercises like lifting weights or hiking without having to worry about their stability.

Flat sole

A crossfit shoe should have a flat sole. This sole has many benefits to your exercise project.  The flat sole will increase your stability. This is important because it will enable you to do the exercises effectively and will reduce the risk of injury that can result from falling.

A sole with minimal padding

A good crossfit shoe should have padding so that it can cushion you from the effects of the force that results during the work out. If this cushioning is not available, it can cause some damage to your feet. On the other hand, the padding should not be too much. Minimal padding on the sole ensures that the wearer of the shoes is able to get more feedback as he or she exercises. This means that the shoe should therefore have padding but this should not be too much.


A light shoe makes the process of exercising much easier. This is because there is no effort needed to lift the feet from the ground. The energy is used on the body and the process of working out and not in moving the heavy shoes.


In addition to being highly functional, good crossfit shoes should also be durable. The shoe should be made from materials that do not wear off easily. This will ensure that the person will not need to replace the shoe too frequently, as this might be a very costly venture.

Aggressive tread pattern

This refers to the tread pattern that is usually at the bottom of the shoe. This tread pattern ensures that the shoe is stable. This is because it increases the friction between the shoe and the ground and reduces the risk of falling and sustaining injury.


When purchasing a crossfit shoe, the wearer should ensure that it is comfortable. This is because a comfortable shoe enables a comfortable work out session without many distractions.

Rubber sides

The shoe should have some rubber on the side of the shoe that enables the wearer to climb ropes in the WOD.

All in all, these are eight of the important features to look for when purchasing a crossfit shoe, so now that you know, don’t fall into the trap of purchasing an inferior pair of crossfit shoes!

Roy Nichols is a fitness blogger and recommends Reebok crossfit shoes for a great workout. Roy has written a lot of articles related to weight training, fitness and healthy lifestyle topics.

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