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7 Tips for Healthy Buffet Eating


If you are on a diet, you will try to stay away from temptation so you will not torture yourself as you try to control your appetite when presented with a good meal. That is why for dieters, buffet is their biggest enemy

But what if you really can’t say no to dining out in a buffet restaurant like if there is a special occasion in your family or there is a special event to celebrate with your co-workers? Or you just purchased a voucher for a buffet dinner because the promo is so hard to resist with the discount coupon being offered at 50% off.

Don’t worry. Buffet doesn’t have to be a dieter’s archenemy. Here are a few tips to help you stay healthy when in a buffet:

  1. Eat before heading to the buffet. Try to eat something before leaving home like fruits or yogurt cup so you will not come starved. At least if you don’t feel hungry, you will more likely have the willpower to avoid temptation and not overeat.
  2. Start on the salad bar. Start your meal by eating green leafy vegetables and fruits, which are rich in fiber and is good to help you feel full. With a full stomach, you will be able to lessen your calorie intake and will be able to skip foods rich in carbohydrates and calorie easily. Also remember to put the dressing on the side instead of mixing it with your fruits and vegetables, as the dressing is rich in calorie. You may also use olive oil and balsamic vinegar as this contains low calorie.
  3. Fill up with soup. Another way to fill you up aside from salad is soup. Avoid cream-based soups though and choose those that are made from low calorie milk instead of full cream milk.
  4. Go for lean protein. Lean protein like grilled or roasted chicken, or lean steak are low in calories so it is a good way to fill up your hunger without taking in too much carbo.
  5. Try the choose-your-own stations. Some buffet offer stations where you can choose your own ingredient like the omelet station. With the power to choose the ingredients to be use for your meal, you will be able to make healthy choices by staying away from sugary, salty and fatty foods.
  6. Stay away from fried foods. We all know that deep fried foods is a big no-no if you are on a diet so avoid as much as you can foods like French fries, pizza, and other creamy based pasta.
  7. Choose desserts wisely. We all know how tempting dessert stations are in buffet restaurant. You will really be tempted to eat just by the looks of it. But you can still enjoy desserts by eating low-fats ones like yogurt. If you really can’t avoid the urge to have a bite of those tasty sweets, just divide your dessert in portions before starting to eat so you will be aware and conscious of how much sweets you have eaten.

Even if you have a bunch of delicious meals in front of you, you can still manage to eat healthy by following the tips mentioned above.

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  • Bodyworkslubbock

    Temptations are all around especially Christmas holiday is fast approaching (parties, family get together and reunions). Moderation is the key when eating in a buffet.  No matte  how delicious and unlimited each food is, remember to have the discipline and control. In case your will power is challenged, small bites is acceptable. Stay away from high carbo foods and sweets as it has a lot of calories.

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  • Tony Schober

    Good tips. I would also add to try and avoid the bad food buffets in the first place. There are a few healthy buffets available. If you're going to a pizza buffet – forget about it. But a seafood or chinese buffet has plenty of lean meat and veggie choices.

  • Emmy Summers

    Buffets can be very very tempting, especially if you prepare for it – and a lot of people do! But more than just controlling the amount of food, we should also watch out for the types of food we ingest.

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